How much do you value design?

10th May 2017

People involved in business have differing views on the value of good design.

Most see it as an important tool for driving sales and revenues and will put aside a good budget to do it properly. Others don’t, so with this blog post I hope to help you understand the benefits of engaging with a design agency like ours. The information within this article has come from a study created by the Design Council who is a leading authority on the use of strategic design and the UK government’s adviser on design.

The report discusses the benefit of a business investing in design, and research shows that for every £1 invested in design, a business can expect over £20 in increased revenues. Or to put it another way, for every £1 invested in design, businesses can expect over £4 increase in net operating profit. Don’t be fooled in to thinking that if businesses engage a designer or agency that they will see an increase in revenues straight away.  This research is in relation to all areas of design, not just creative design. What is a must is for businesses to have a clear strategy in place first. Find an agency who can help deliver and implement marketing or brand strategy and your investment will be more effective.
You can read the full report here.

Design impact
Businesses who invested in design reported boosts to confidence, strategic thinking, brand and business identity.

Why would you work with a design agency?

There have been huge changes in the way marketing is done in recent years and this can be challenging for businesses managing everything in-house. Businesses often face the same challenges like being able to find the time to invest in marketing and design, or resources and finances are stretched. If this sounds like you, a design agency like Frost Creative can help make things easier and help transform your business. Below are some reasons why you should consider working with an agency like Frost Creative.


In-house teams can be spread quite thinly or lack experience. As a result, the temptation may be to stick with a tried and tested formula, producing an uninspiring design or campaign. Talking to an agency like us will open your eyes to fresher ideas. Frost Creative are passionate about delivering effective design that captivates our clients audiences. You can view our customer reviews on the Recommended Agency Register.


We collaborate with our clients, becoming part of their DNA. At the end of the day our success is driven by theirs. Frost Creative work in partnership with all our clients, operating as an extension of their team. We understand the business goals and objectives by delivering a strategy that suits their needs.


We can scale our level of input up or down. If clients just require a good design resource we can help out with that but if they need more, for example a brand or marketing strategy, we can help them with that too.

A different perspective

No one knows your company better than you do, but we’re all guilty of continuing down the same old path. With design and marketing, the more input the better. This is why collaborating with an agency like us is beneficial. Whether it’s planning, copywriting or design, Frost Creative will bring a different perspective to your brand, approaching your business as a customer and helping you break out of old habits that could be holding you back.

If you’re considering commissioning an agency, we’d love to hear from you. Email to find out how, through effective design, we can increase revenue.