Naming can be one of the most time consuming processes to go through for an agency. Everybody has an opinion and will inevitably want to see many options explored. This happens when the team(s) can’t collectively agree on the name they like or dislike. Often we find that after further exploration the final chosen name ends up being one that was presented at the very beginning. Somewhat frustrating I’m sure you’ll agree, however it’s just a process and journey you sometimes have to be prepared to go through in order to arrive at a place everyone is happy. It’s a process of elimination and then confirmation that the right options have been put forward in the first place.

Naming is certainly not easy, but it should be a fun and rewarding process to undertake for all involved. Once you have defined your brand values, vision and mission you will be a in a good position to start your naming process. Any name you create should be aligned to your values and attributes for the business; there needs to be reason behind whatever you create, so ensure you have worked all that out first. At Frost Creative we like to take guidance from Marty Neumeier’s 7 criteria for good naming during our thought process and below are some useful things to consider when you’re challenged  with creating a brand name:

1. Is it distinctive?
Have you done your research and ensured your name stands out from the crowd? Can it be detached from everyday language? The best brand names have the ambience of a good noun.

2. Make it concise
A good brand name should be short, easily spoken and remembered. However it should not run the risk of being abbreviated or changed to a nickname. Longer multi-word names will inevitably be shortened to initials.

3. Make sure it is appropriate
Any name you choose should fit the purpose of the business. If your chosen name feels like it would work better for another business then reject it.

4. Is it easy to spell and pronounce?
If most people can easily spell your brand name after hearing it spoken then you are on the right path. Likewise, people should be able to pronounce the name when reading it.

5. Likability
A name that is intellectually stimulating, has a good feel about it and one that people will enjoy using will have a better chance of success.

6. Brand extension
If the name can easily be interpreted visually and lend itself to multiple creative executions then you are on to a winner. A name that offers endless opportunities for marketing communications.

7. Can you protect the name?
A name that can be trademarked and is available as a URL will enable you to protect the brand name and make your brand more valuable in the long term.

8. Go with your gut
Sometimes rules go out the window. If a name feels right in your gut, then run with it. Have the confidence to move forwards ignoring the subjective point of view. If you have taken on board the points noted above when working on your brand name, you’ll find it a lot easier to siphon out the non starters from your list and reach a shortlist.

Frost Creative work with clients of all shapes and sizes on various naming projects and are more than happy to offer useful advice should you be considering embarking on a brand naming journey.