We call ourselves ‘A branding Consultancy’ but what does this really mean? We purposely don’t have a list of services on our website because being a branding consultancy is our service and our specialism. There are lots of agencies that can do creative and design, digital, PR and some that claim they do all of this under one roof. We’re different. We focus on your brand or, to put it another way, your business. We concentrate on building your brand (your business) into an organisation that engages the audience you need it to; in turn helping you to succeed.

Every business we work with is different; each with their own unique challenges, dreams, staff, services, products… the list goes on. Yes we do creative design. Yes we do websites. We’ve done apps, campaigns, designed books and created beautiful packaging but so have many agencies out there. The difference is we bring a deeper level of thinking that can drive real organisational change.

When a client fully engages us as consultants, we not only get deep under the skin of the organisation to deliver compelling brand strategy, design the identity and implement it across all channels, but can help a business identify new ways to function, delivering its services or products differently. We find opportunities for our client’s business to help increase revenues, save time and money on redesigning processes or, more simply, help them deliver effective marketing campaigns that deliver real ROI.

Finding opportunities comes from within
Using our understanding of your organisation, the sectors you operate, your values, customer proposition, goals and ambitions, we can help businesses truly live out their brand promise. For example, one of our clients (without disclosing too much due to confidentiality), a leading Health & Safety Consultancy that has been established for over 25 years, engaged us recently on a comprehensive rebranding project. As you would expect we delivered the overall brand strategy, visual identity and marketing assets and implemented these across all channels. But what we did that went beyond the pretty stuff you see online, was real organisational change behind the scenes.

The team at Frost has worked closely with our client during lockdown to design and implement the following:

  • A new digital software application that is having a positive impact on their bottom line
  • Designed a new way to automate the management and creation of their primary service and end products
  • Reduced our clients 3rd party costs by around 30% by integrating multiple tools into one platform
  • Delivered a 50% reduction in administrative time by streamlining their working process and service delivery method
  • They have been able to amend their organisations team structure to add more resource to other areas of the business that are necessary for it to thrive
  • Delivered new revenue streams by enabling them to sell subscriptions online; a first for their sector.

Design thinking, or creativity should not be limited to just pretty pictures, a logo, a social post or a website. You can also design a new administrative process, creatively think of new ways to deliver a service, or even design clever marketing plans. Whatever you design it should fully support your brand strategy.

So, if you are claiming to be ‘the best’ in your field or offer an innovative product, then you have to back it up with the best service delivery, best products, best people, best processes, best everything, best everywhere! This is not just applied to your marketing, which the world sees, but it has to happen from within as well. Remember, brand is business.

Fee free to get in-touch if you wanted to discuss some ideas.