Cohesion definition: the action or fact of forming a united whole
Cohesive definition: united and working together effectively

So, cohesive marketing is where all your different platforms for promoting your business align to the same strategy. And this comes down to consistency.

To be most effective, brand consistency should touch every element from your target audience’s perspective, so it delivers on their expectations.

Why is this important?

Your audience expect your brand to be consistent however or wherever they view it and, by avoiding confusion, this builds trust. It’s important that your audience builds a relationship with your brand; you want them to engage with it and feel part of it from the outset.

Cohesive marketing is efficient. By aligning all your marketing elements to be consistent, your brand and marketing becomes a united front.

Trusts and Academies

Bev, from Meadow Communications, who has been involved in and observed organisations and education providers who have come together under one umbrella, reminds us there are points to consider.

“An academy trust will be made up of different schools, colleges and maybe training providers. All these organisations have their own identity as you would expect and that is a good thing; cutting off your audience to make it look too much like the over-arching organisation could confuse them and may affect recruitment.”

However, when done well, there should be a subtle family feel of each college or school site belonging to the trust.

Bev goes on to say “The Trust board become sounding boards and spokespeople for the Trust and therefore raise the profile of all those within.  Ambassadors like this are invaluable not only to help with securing the brand but to raise the profile too.”

Bev is working with the Lighthouse Learning Trust to “create an identity of specialist, professional, employer engaged direction for the colleges in the Trust. Branding will play a huge part alongside the identity of the Trust and the differing offer within it.”

Frost Creative has been working alongside Bev to align the resources for the colleges within the Trust, whilst keeping the identity of each individual college. We have recently designed and built a new website, x2 Prospectuses, an Adult Community Course guide, and an Open Evening leaflet.

We are pleased to have received positive feedback on these elements and look forward to continuing to support both Bev and the Trust in the next academic year.

If you feel that your brand and marketing need a helping hand to align, please get in touch with the us at [email protected]