As we bid farewell to 2023, we take a moment to look back at the exciting projects that have defined our journey over the past year. From reimagining employer brands to crafting compelling educational materials and supporting the launch of innovating ventures, each project has been a testament to creativity, collaboration and dedication.

From reimagining employer brands to crafting compelling educational materials and supporting the launch of innovating ventures, each project has been a testament to creativity, collaboration and dedication.

We kicked off the year by revitalising employer brands and redesigning websites, creating a strong foundation for our partners to showcase their identity and values. Crafting prospectuses and educational leaflets for the Lighthouse Learning Trust helped them to communicate their unique offerings, while our work with Colas Rail UK extended beyond recruitment branding to a comprehensive media campaign and a thoughtful onboarding process, ensuring a seamless integration for new hires.

We harmonised with Attune (formerly Bloc Consulting), leading a brand review and creating a launch campaign for this acoustic consultancy, setting the stage for their re-emergence into the market and in anticipation of an upcoming tech launch, we delved into the world of SaaS, contributing a brand name and concepts that promise innovation and user-centric design.

Our creative journey has also extended to naming and concept designs for an upcoming online digital print company, ensuring a strong and memorable market entry and a collaboration with Fluid Ads, to refresh their brand and design, enhancing their visual identity in a competitive landscape.

Contributing to the healthcare sector, we focused on enhancing user experiences and interface design elements (UX/UI) for the NHS Learning Academy portal and our collaboration with 360 Integrated PR included the new design and build of a website, yet to launch, providing them with a refreshed digital platform to amplify their brand presence.

We distilled the impact of the Church Revitalisation Trust’s efforts into a compelling booklet, showcasing their achievements and contributions and we partnered with Corrigenda to create an informative HR booklet, ensuring effective communication of policies and practices within the organisation.

Contributing to a meaningful cause, we were happy to assist with the design elements of a brand campaign for Southampton Hospitals Charity in connection with the Light The South Trail, supporting their fundraising initiative and look forward to seeing this come to life in 2024.

We are currently engaged in a strategic brand review for UKSA, aligning their identity with their values, goals and aspirations and look forward to continuing working with them into the new year. We are also looking forward to a new collaborative partnership with Wessex Health Partners in 2024 to help to define and shape a robust brand strategy, to set the stage for a new era of healthcare excellence.

Building on our longstanding partnership with Wolfworthy, we’ve introduced a freshly designed treat pouch and are exploring innovative ideas to seamlessly incorporate a new flavour into their main range. And with our commitment to other long term partnerships, we have provided consistent support to Miles Stone and Kingsworthy Foundry over the year with newsletters, leaflets, advertisements and social media work.

A Decade of Excellence: Frost Creative’s 10 Year Anniversary

In March 2024 Frost Creative prepares to celebrate a remarkable milestone – its 10 year anniversary – the journey from a one-person enterprise to a thriving strategic consultancy is fantastic. The evolution and growth of Frost Creative have not only been a testament to dedication and innovation but have also positioned us as a global player with a significant presence in both the public and private sectors.

A Clear Vision for the Next 5 Years

As we reach this significant milestone, we stand at the cusp of an exciting future. We have outlined a clear vision for the next 5 years, emphasising strategic growth, innovation and continued excellence in service delivery.

We aim to be regarded as a leading brand consultancy in the region that serves mid to large scale organisations anywhere.

Celebrating Success, Gratitude and Looking Ahead

As we conclude this roundup, we express our gratitude to our clients, partners and our talented team. Each project has been unique and we look forward to another year of creative exploration and impactful collaborations in 2024.