We’re thrilled to unveil something special: Our brand new ThreeTwo™ Branding Programmes!

For ten years, Frost Creative has been on a mission to empower businesses of all sizes with impactful branding and design solutions. Through countless collaborations, we’ve identified a key insight: a company’s growth journey often requires specific branding support at different stages. That’s the driving force behind our ThreeTwo™ Branding Programmes – a curated selection of branding services designed to perfectly match your brand’s unique needs and growth aspirations.

Why ThreeTwo™?

The name reflects our core philosophy. We believe powerful brands are built on a strong foundation (the “Three”) that fuels strategic growth (the “Two”). Our programmes go beyond aesthetics, focusing on the essence of your brand – what makes you tick; what sets you apart. We leverage the ThreeTwo™ framework to realise the potential of your brand, establish a competitive edge, and propel you towards sustainable success.

Here’s a quick peek at what each programme offers

Here’s a quick peek at what each programme offers:

Foundation Programme: Ideal for ambitious SMEs and invested startups, this program provides a solid foundation for your brand. We’ll help you analyse your market, define your core values, and craft a compelling brand story, name, and visual identity. You’ll walk away with a brand toolkit that includes a logo, colour palette, messaging guidelines, and marketing templates – everything you need to establish a clear brand identity and attract your ideal customers.

Growth Programme: Designed for established and growing organisations, this programme takes a deeper dive into your brand strategy. We’ll help you to refine your messaging, visual identity, and reach a wider audience. Expect a comprehensive brand toolkit with an expanded asset library to empower your ongoing communication efforts. The ultimate goal? To solidify your brand presence, capture market share, and achieve long-term growth.

Alignment Programme: Mergers and acquisitions can be a branding minefield. This programme is here to help! We’ll guide merging entities towards a unified brand strategy that reflects their combined strengths. The result? A cohesive brand identity and a seamless brand experience across all touchpoints, fostering internal and external alignment. This translates to smoother integration, a successful brand transition, and unlocking the full potential of your merger.

Engage Programme: Attract top talent and build a strong employer brand reputation with our Engage Programme. We’ll analyse your company culture, target talent pools, and develop an employer branding strategy that showcases your company as the go-to workplace. This program empowers you to create a compelling employer brand narrative across your recruitment channels, reducing employee turnover and saving on recruitment costs.

What else?

The ThreeTwo™ Branding Programmes are a fantastic starting point for your brand journey and our partnership, but we understand that your needs may evolve. That’s why Frost Creative’s commitment to your brand success extends beyond these Programmes.

Our Expertise at Your Service

We continue to offer ongoing brand communications support, leveraging our Creative and Digital capabilities, such as:

Campaign Identity & Communications: Let us create impactful campaigns that grab attention and achieve your marketing goals.

Digital Campaigns & Internal Communications: We’ll help you connect with your audience and employees in the digital space.

Content Creation & Beyond: From video and motion graphics to packaging and photography, we’ll produce high-quality content that elevates your brand.

Speak to us about our ongoing brand communication support options.

The Frost Creative Advantage:

Whether you choose a ThreeTwo™ Branding Programme or tap into our ongoing brand communication services, you’ll benefit from Frost Creative’s unique approach:

Strategic Focus: We go beyond aesthetics, ensuring your brand is built on a strong strategic foundation.

Collaborative mindset: We work closely with you to understand your vision and goals.

Measurable Results: We track progress and demonstrate the impact of our work on your brand.

You can explore each programme in more detail here.