The ThreeTwo™ Branding Suite

Our branding programs, built upon our proven ThreeTwo™ strategic framework, are designed to deliver the core brand fundamentals and empower any business, regardless of size, to take the next step on their growth journey.

At Frost, we believe brand is shaped by what others say about you. That’s why ThreeTwo™ provides a structured approach to influence positive beliefs and opinions at every interaction. From customers to colleagues, ThreeTwo™ helps you define and leverage what makes you unique – not just your USPs, but the deeper meaning and purpose behind everything you do.

The result? A brand that’s not just attention-grabbing, but an authentic and honest foundation for sustained, measurable growth.

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Foundation Programme

For Ambitious SME’s & Invested Start-Ups

We’ll work with you to analyse your market, identify your core values, and define your brand positioning and strategy.

Develop a compelling brand story, name, and visual identity.

Equip you with essential brand assets like a logo, colour palette, image library, messaging guidelines and marketing templates.

Benefits: Establish a clear brand identity, attract your ideal customers, and set the stage for future growth.


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Growth Programme

For Established & Growing Organisations

Deep dive into your brand with a focus on differentiation, market trends, and future opportunities.

Refine your brand strategy, messaging, and visual identity to reach a wider audience.

Develop a comprehensive brand toolkit with expanded asset library to better support ongoing communication strategies.

Benefits: Strengthen your brand presence, gain market share, and achieve sustainable growth.


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Alignment Programme

For Mergers & Acquisitions

Facilitate collaboration between merging entities to identify common ground and develop a unified brand strategy.

Craft a brand identity that reflects the combined strengths of the merged companies.

Implement a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints, fostering internal and external alignment.

Benefits: Minimise integration challenges, ensure a smooth brand transition, and unlock the full potential of your merger.


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Engage Programme

Employer Branding & Employee Acquisition

Analyse your company culture, employee value proposition, and target talent pool.

Develop an employer brand and narrative that showcases your company as the best workplace to be.

Create a compelling employer branding strategy across your recruitment channels.

Benefits: Attract high-performing talent, build a strong employer brand reputation, reduce employee turnover and save costs on recruitment fees.


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“You have flipped our brand around, your work has been an absolute game changer for the charity. You have created absolute clarity for us”

Catherine Jordan | Head of Charity Marketing | SHC

“We have seen a 25% YOY growth since our re-brand”

Patrick Saddington | CEO | Corrigenda

“The ROI on our brand campaign was delivered in under 6 weeks”

Matt Ball | Digital Marketing Director | Smart