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Frost is the strategic branding + creative consultancy to help you turn heads by turning up the volume on what makes you unique. We provide Branding Services Southampton.

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Image of two Colas Rail employees looking right.
Building Colas Rail’s Employer Brand
50%+ increase in applications and saved potentially £millions on recruitment fees
Employer Brand & Internal Communications
Image showing CFH logo on a wall of their office in an outside environment.
Empowering effective multichannel communications for CFH
From multi-channel confusion to clear, connected communications
Brand Strategy & Identity / Brand Experience & Communications
Helping the United Nations to raise awareness for Transgender Equality
Over 100,000 post engagements achieved within 3 months
Brand Experience & Communications
An image to show how the Visconti, Kingston University, pattern can be used throughout the new brand.
The right mix of branding for Kingston University’s Visconti Studio
Increased brand awareness and commercial opportunities
Brand Strategy & Identity / Brand Experience & Communications
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Why do I need branding services?

Branding services are essential for businesses of any scale because they help to differentiate them in a crowded market and create a unique identity that customers can recognise and remember.

A strong brand identity increases customer loyalty and drives repeat business. Furthermore, you cannot market yourself effectively without a carefully managed brand.

Successful businesses, like many of our clients from Southampton, Hampshire invest in the branding services we offer to develop a consistent and compelling brand image across all customer touch-points, including websites, social media, packaging, and advertising.

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Brand Messaging and Tone of Voice Services

What your brand sounds like is equally as important as how it looks. We create expertly written copy that perfectly communicates your positioning, expresses your purpose and builds meaningful relationships with every stakeholder.

Brand messaging and tone of voice are critical components of a company’s brand strategy. Brand messaging is the key messages or statements that your company needs to communicate its brand values, benefits and points of difference to your target audience.  Your tone of voice, is the way in which a company delivers its brand messages. It’s the overall personality and style that you want to  use when communicating to your its audience.

Together, brand messaging and tone of voice help to establish a consistent and recognisable brand image that connects with customers and builds brand loyalty over time.

Brand Strategy Services

We create impactful brand strategy, designed around your market, challenges and ambition. Identifying what makes you different, we’ll help you realise the full potential of your brand, get a competitive advantage, and succeed.

But what is a brand strategy?
A brand strategy is the plan or approach that a company needs to establish and promote its brand in the marketplace. It involves defining the unique qualities and characteristics that differentiate a company’s brand from its competitors, identifying the target audience, and developing a messaging and communication plan to create a strong and consistent brand image. A well-developed brand strategy can help a company build brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately drive business success.

Brand Architecture Services

What is brand architecture though?

Brand architecture is the structure for a parent brand and its related sub-brands, products and services. It’s the framework in which connected brands relate to one another in terms of the overarching master brand and ho they communicate. It allows your audiences to understand your offerings and clearly understand what your brand stands for and the value it provides. The master brand is the name applied to a group of brands overall, think Unilever. A brand architecture model may include logos, colour palettes, style guides and other components that ensure consistency for products and services. You can read more here.


What type of branding services do you offer in Southampton?

Frost Creative is a full service creative, branding and design consultancy. We provide a wide range of branding services from our studio in Durley, Southampton. We tailor our approach to the needs of each client so there’s never a one-size-fits-all approach here. Every solution we provide is designed to solve your specific brand or marketing challenge and achieve the results you want. The types of branding services we provide includes but is not limited to: Brand strategy, brand architecture, employer branding, corporate identity design, brand guidelines, tone of voice, key messaging, graphic language, verbal identity, website design, brochure design and more.

Our expertise crosses strategy, design, digital, print and the physical environment. Everywhere your audience goes and everywhere you need to be.


Big ideas at their most bite-size. Get the benefit of our know-how, from trends in transformation to the nitty-gritty of what we’ve been up to.

How can the tone of voice used by a brand impact the business bottom line?
Frost has undergone its own transformation!
Life at Frost
Elevating Commercial Spaces: Design Strategies for Creating an Authentic Brand Experience
From Heritage to Hype: Anglepoise on Brand Relevance
Brand Relevance
Beyond Retirement Living: Building a Brand that Resonates
Brand Relevance
Powerful Brand Strategy Frameworks
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Frost delivered absolute clarity for us. The branding has been a game-changer!
Cath Jordan, Southampton Hospitals Charity
The no b*lllsh*t approach. Love the honestly and transparency
of Gary and the team.
We have seen a 25% YOY growth since our re-brand
Patrick Saddington, Corrigenda
The ROI on our design investment was delivered within 6 weeks
Matt Ball, Smart
Frost were instrumental in the creation and implementation of our most successful branding project.
Lee Cain, HFE
Frost provide us with lots of ideas, well-matched to our goals.
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