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Colas Rail
Making our mark with the Colas Rail Employer Brand & Recruitment Campaign

We adopt a simple and affective 3-fold approach to building a powerful employer brand, guided by our unique ThreeTwo strategic framework: Think, Create, Deliver.

In the hyper-competitive talent market, we’ll use award-winning strategy and creative to help you engage your employees, improve retention, and recruit the very best candidates for every role. We can help with consultation and evaluation, employee value proposition, positioning & differentiation, employer branding strategy, creative development and content generation.

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Who holds the key to your success – your valued customers or your dedicated employees?

It’s not a straightforward question. In truth, both are indispensable.

Building a strong reputation for your company not only attracts top-notch professionals but also fosters customer loyalty. Loyal customers are the lifeblood of a thriving business. It’s a harmonious cycle. In today’s world, savvy companies invest as much in their employer brand as they do in their commercial brand. Understanding Why Employer Branding Matters.

The Employer Branding Journey

Crafting a robust employer brand entails a combination of internal and external strategies. First, it’s crucial to understand your employees’ likes and dislikes, acting on these insights for positive change. From there, you can define what your company offers as an employer and what it stands for. The next step is to communicate these messages to the world at large. Finally, you must continually monitor and adjust your employer brand campaign for maximum impact.


Unlock Your Employer Brand

Is your employer brand silently speaking for you?
It exists, whether you’re aware of it or not, and it’s out there for the world to see. However, you have the power to enhance it. Nowadays, what happens behind closed doors rarely stays hidden. People readily share their employment experiences on social media and platforms like Glassdoor. If you actively manage your employer brand, this organic sharing can work to your advantage. Neglecting it can make recruitment a daunting and costly endeavor.

Companies with a robust employer brand witness a remarkable 43% decrease in the cost per hire.

Empowering Employer Brand Initiatives

Insight alone isn’t enough; you need the tools to make the most of it. Frost Creative collaborates with you to create reference materials that keep your employer brand project on course. These materials might include a brand manifesto and brand guidelines. Moreover, we provide branding, design, and copywriting services for platforms such as websites, newsletters, and social media. Your employer brand should be distinctive yet harmonious with your commercial brand.

Elevate Your Employer Brand

Crafting Power to Your People In a competitive job market, setting yourself apart is essential.

Companies with a strong employer brand receive twice as many applicants per role compared to others. Beyond attracting great talent, the process of enhancing your employer brand fosters engagement among existing employees.

Internal Employer Branding

Your most potent asset for attracting exceptional talent is none other than your own people. Transforming employees into brand ambassadors is a highly effective strategy. Potential recruits place three times more trust in what your employees say compared to messages from the company itself. Employer branding companies like Frost Creative can help you harness your employees’ positive experiences through testimonials, blogs, and video interviews.

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