• Life at Frost

2020. That’s a wrap!

Today is the last full day in the studio and the day we would of ordinarily had our Christmas shindig but it’s just another day in what has been a very crap year. I’m not going to lie, this has arguably been the most stressful, emotional rollercoaster I have ever experienced since setting up the business. That said I have learned a lot about myself, my team and what I want in the future.

These past 12 months have given me time to reflect on a lot of things and my attitude towards my work. It has certainly become apparent that running a business has consumed my life and I need to address my work life balance. When your children repeatedly say how nice it has been to have seen more of Daddy this year, then something has to change. For the past 5/6 years I have been so focussed on growing Frost that I have neglected the most important things in life, my family.

Growth is still an ambition, however this does not necessarily mean I want to double or treble the team. For me, more people equals more pressure and we’ve proven over the past couple of years that you don’t need to be a big team to deliver big projects. Staying smaller ensures our clients get to work with the key senior people at all times, and for most that is very much appreciated. Growth for me is more about increasing revenues and working with the right clients strategically, than growing the team threefold. However, if the team did need to grow then I think would need to share the business with someone else. It can been very lonely doing it on your own.

Covid has brought out the best and worst in people, me included. When the first bomb got dropped and lockdown one began, I think every business we worked with went into panic mode. I was shitting myself; clients were calling and putting everything on hold, we were owed a lot of money and told by some that we were not going to get a penny of it. Thankfully the government stepped in and the support they’ve given is why we’re still here today. Even with everything that was going on, we wanted to try and be as supportive as possible. We honoured all our debts, by paying all our suppliers and the HMRC, and did some pro bono work. It felt like the right thing to do. It was during this period we came to learn a lot about others and unearthed clients who were not necessarily ethical in the way they conducted themselves. We soon parted ways and something that we will take into 2021 is to carefully consider the type of client we work with.

This now brings me on to my team. With everything that has gone on this year my team has been amazing. They’ve been patient, supportive, passionate, loyal and above all have still managed to deliver some fantastic work that we should all be proud of.

So, what is in store for 2021? It’s still a bit unknown but one thing is for certain, we are going to have a more confident outlook and be more selective of the clients we work with. We are good at what we do and, rightly or wrongly, we over service all our clients because of our passion and the pride we take in our work. Moving forwards, we feel it is vitally important that our relationships with new clients are equal. Our clients are the experts in their chosen field as we are in ours. When it comes to a strong but balanced client relationship, trust plays an important part and goes both ways. We are not a tick box service provider, our strategy, design and creativity is led by the multiple years of experience within the team as well as their individual zeal for what they do and, collectively, we do it well.

I now say goodbye 2020 it wasn’t a pleasure and I look forward to seeing what 2021 has to offer. We’ll keep moving onwards and upwards!

Thank you

Gary F