4 years on and still going strong

4th April 2018

It’s been an interesting journey, these past 4 years have helped shape who we are today and our vision for the future.

Time certainly flies when you are enjoying yourself. 4 years ago I never envisaged that I’d be sat in a office surrounded by a proven, award-winning team delivering the type of work we’re doing today. Back then I just wanted to do great work for great clients and deal with them directly, a real and honest personable service. I felt that by doing everything myself and having greater control over the output would deliver better results for my clients.

How things things have changed!

It has taken 4 years of hard graft for us to get here, but we’re now trusted, valued partners to businesses and brands on every scale (According to RAR). We’ve delivered exceptional, highly-effective work across housing and development, engineering, FMCG, education, and more. Frost Creative still gives businesses a personal, hands-on level of service but it isn’t just one man anymore, it’s delivered by a wonderful team who care. While we’ve been fortunate enough to win work long-term in certain industries, I’ve seen time-and-time-again that successful strategy and branding isn’t the product of specialism in a specific industry. It’s the product of like-minded people working closely together – an ambitious team, led by an ambitious individual, building strong relationships with ambitious brands.

As Frost Creative continues to grow, my focus is on leading the agency into new territory – and exciting new projects – while safeguarding the refreshingly human, personal, and committed approach that has got us to where we are today. If you would like to learn more about Frost Creative and how we work, feel free to get in-touch.

All the best Gary