A design process that says ‘no’ to process

30th August 2015

‘So what’s your process?’

It’s a question I’m often greeted by when submitting proposals. Sure we have one in place – but truth be known, we don’t really follow your standard agency process. It destroys creativity.

To be truly creative, you need freedom. Following a strict routine limits where your mind can take you. Over the years I’ve worked in some larger agencies where strict processes and time limits were the norm. The result of all this? I rarely created any work I was proud of.

Frost’s process is simple – ‘Think. Create. Deliver’. Here’s how it works…

1. Think.
This means understanding your objectives, goals, targets, or problems – then thinking about how can surpass expectations. We’ll even sit down with our clients and develop your marketing strategy and brand proposition. Then we’ll sketch out initial thoughts, draft out a storyboard, or inspire ideas for a brand identity.

2. Create.
Here’s where we bring ideas to life. Naturally, we’ll start by coming up with original concepts for an intial presentation. However we like to do things a little differently… We take our clients on a journey with us and engage them throughout the creative process as much as possible. After all, It’s far more rewarding for you to be involved in making your vision a reality. Plus it makes our job a whole lot more rewarding too.

Then there’s our level of flexibility. We don’t do the standard agency two/three concepts with two rounds of amends – why should we limit ourselves? We’ll only share work with our clients that we think’s awesome. And from the feedback we’ve had, they love working this way.

3. Deliver.
Not much explanation needed here, just that we’ll craft work that will make you stand back and smile – whatever the project might be.

This could include:

Identity and branding, bespoke CMS website, copywriting, e-marketing, photography, video brochures, flyers, books, promotional materials, packaging, exhibition stands, merchandising, etc.

The budget, time and resource of the project will determine the level of detail each phase receives. But by the time you reach the ‘Deliver’ phase, you’ll already be comfortable with what you want to achieve.

So in a nutshell, these are the three simple steps we adopt for every project. It’s a natural process our clients love and one we think you’ll love too.

Gary Frost
Creative Director