It’s not ‘how big’…it’s ‘how you use it’

24th February 2016

When you’re a young agency like us, you’re always looking at new ways to grow…

But that doesn’t necessarily mean in size. After picking up a few awards and taking on some great talent – prospective clients often assume we’re bigger than we are. But is that a problem? And should size count?

Well no, it’s not a problem. To put it simply, it’s not how big your agency is that counts. It’s about the impact their output can have on your business. After working at a few of the larger agencies along the South Coast, I’ve come to find a creative’s day rate is usually charged out at around a hefty £900. But this price doesn’t guarantee you’ll receive excellent work time-after-time. In fact, far from it. In order to make money, creatives in larger agencies are often time-pressured, meaning they can’t give as much care to your work as they’d like to. The truth is, this is the only way larger agencies can cover their costs. And this is part of the reason I started Frost.

We’re not in this business to make a quick buck here and there. We’re here to do what we love and create work we’re proud of.

And although we may be small, we still have the same creative set-up each and every larger agency has e.g. designers, writers, art directors etc. Only we have something different…the flexibility to nurture your brand and help it grow. At Frost we know what we’re good at and we do it bloody well. So whether it’s branding, communications, video or just good old-fashioned creativity – we’ll make your clients stand back and smile. Plus with us, we only hire creatives and creatives only – so your ideas won’t get misinterpreted through a sea of account managers and board directors.

Even if you need something a little different to what we do (e.g. PR or SEO), we’ll happily take care of it, working closely with one of our like-minded partners. This includes a network of regional agencies including our friends at Noisy Little Monkey who take care of all our SEO needs. And a handful of smaller local companies such as Bison Grid, who are our trusted development and hosting partners (conveniently located in the same office as us).

So, if you’d like to come in for a chat to see how we could help your business grow – we’d love to hear from you.