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Branding is important for the property sector

The property market is a continuously moving and evolving beast with many influences that can change the landscape over night. For example brexit, covid, housing shortages, the ever-changing demographic structure and advances in technology all impact the market in many different ways. The team at Frost have a vast amount of experience working within the property sector and have a proven track record for delivering the results our clients need whilst navigating through the various challenges.

Over the years we’ve been fortunate enough to have worked on projects for social housing and affordable housing organisations, right through to private rental and ultra luxury living brands across the UK. Generally speaking, the process of branding and marketing these different development types is the same. Location, cost, purchase or rental, target audience and design/build will someway inform the brand communications for each development. Audience insight is the key to success and understanding what tone of message is right for them will help make life easier. We recommend utilising a company like Experian for your audience insights. They provide really insightful regional data for people of all age groups that we have found so valuable when we develop brands and campaigns for developments.

Appeal to both the investor and buyer
Companies need to ensure they are doing all they can to appeal to the ever growing investor market. As buy-to-let and rental schemes continue to climb in popularity with investors, developers should consider how they brand and position the development for them as well as future tenants. Developers need to build brands that an investor can relate to and be attracted to. Delivering a compelling brand strategy will help achieve this and will make selling the vision to investors and the end user more cohesive, whilst making future marketing easier and more effective. Investors will generally be concerned about the finances and a good return on their investment over time, whereas buyers or property owners looking to move are interested in the place they’ll be living in, its surroundings and the lifestyle they can potentially have. Branding adds value to any business or product and real estate should be treated no differently. If a proposed development scheme is valued at ‘X’ without a brand strategy and visual identity in place, it can be worth 25-30% more with one, so it is in everyone’s interest to create an engaging brand.

Changes in legislation will have an impact on homeowners/buyers
There were a few changes in legislation over the past year that influenced the way property was marketed. The removal of Stamp Duty tax, for example, has helped first time buyers in particular as more people have been able to get on the property ladder more easily. The government’s Help to Buy scheme has also changed. Since April, only first-time buyers can now benefit from this scheme. It’s therefore important to be aware of changes to legislation and integrate the benefits clearly within the marketing communications because they are mostly in place to help buyers.

Invest in the brand and the results will come
Like any business, product or service, developers need to invest in their brand and this is pivotal to the success of the marketing and sales. It’s impossible to market any product properly without a brand strategy in place and property is no different. Understanding the audience is key, so placing the customer and their needs as the focus that informs the brand communications will help achieve better sales and often off plan. Please view our work with private rental brand Smart to see how an effective brand delivers real results within weeks.

If you’d like some help with your property brand or marketing, feel free to give us a call or email us here.