Don’t just build a company. Build a character.

11th January 2016

You’ve probably heard it before, but your brand is your most valuable asset…

It’s gives your company a soul that customers and employees can relate to. That’s why we invest so much time in crafting unique personalities for our clients.

So how can Frost help you find yours?

Research and discovery (Think)

To ensure we understand your business inside and out, we run workshops with key stakeholders of the business – involving clients and employees too. This means we truly understand what you you’re all about. And once we have all that information, we’ll set about surpassing your expectations.

The foundations are laid by creating your marketing strategy and brand proposition.

We start by researching your business, its competitors and the marketplace. Then we’ll answer that all-important question – what are your clients’ needs? After we’ve accomplished that, we’ll sit down with you and deliver a tailored brand workshop. This will help us create the brand proposition document that underpins everything your brand stands for:

  • Summary of the truth we can build a brand around
  • The brand proposition (it’s promise)
  • The brand positioning (strap lines)
  • Brand values
  • Internal message to staff (how they should behave)

Once all this in place, we’ll put pen to paper and sketch out initial thoughts for a brand identity.

Bringing your personality to life (Create)

When you feel the brand proposition document matches your values, we’ll start crafting your identity. The styling and design of a logo and/or tagline isn’t your overarching brand, it’s more a symbol of it. That’s why the visual identity needs to effortlessly express who you are.

To make sure you make the right choice, we’ll offer a variety of visual directions for your brand. This includes a brand snapshot – showing your new logo alongside other supporting elements such as adcepts, stationery, marketing collateral and online examples.

But don’t sweat it. We’re not an agency who say ‘you must pick a concept and run with it’. We work collaboratively with you to ensure you have a visual style and identity that you love.

And if this means revisiting our concepts and making adjustments – so be it. At the end of the day, we only create things that everyone involved can be proud of.

A star is born (Deliver)

The final stage of the process is what we call the ‘roll out’ phase. This is when we supply the core brand assets such as:

  • Logo files
  • Stationery
  • Proposal templates
  • Powerpoint template
  • Guidelines

And after the core brand assets have been supplied we continue to support our clients with corporate communications, to things like websites and video. It’s no secret that clients find that using the same agency for the creation of all marketing materials, ensures visual consistency. So we’re happy to help with all forms of marketing collateral.

Thinking of making your mark on the world?
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