Choosing a creative design agency doesn’t have to be a nightmare

24th November 2015

There are more design agencies than ever. Then again, more design goes unnoticed than ever. So how can you make sure you pick the right agency?



Check out the track record of a company first. What’s their previous work like? Are there any awesome pieces of work that stand out? Or are there any question marks looming over them that raise alarm bells? You might find it useful talking to their customers or asking for a testimonial.

It’s a great idea to call up and speak to them yourself. If they’re not friendly and don’t sound like someone you can work with, knock it on the head. First impressions count. As for us? We like to be transparent with people. That’s why we’re more than happy to give our clients our contact details so they can get to know us. And we know that if you spoke to one our clients, they’d wax lyrical about us. But if that’s not enough, we’re also on the RAR register, so you can check out our endorsements there.

One size does not fit all

Each organisation is different – some prefer to work with large agencies, some prefer smaller ones. Our view – who cares, as long as your agency delivers… Some of the best creative design companies in the business are small as they are big. Do you go for the name of a big agency? Or do you go for the hands-on dedicated approach of a small agency? It’s your call, but make sure you know the size of who you’re working with first.


You like to work with people like you. Being comfortable with your agency’s process will help you meet your goals. But if you’re uncomfortable, well that’s just gonna cause a few handbags at dawn. It’s important you find an agency flexible to your needs e.g. reasonable costs for amends. Find out now before you get stung.

Should we invite agencies to pitch?

As an agency we don’t pitch for free. We’d much rather focus our free time on our existing clients and keeping them happy. If you’re going to invite agencies to pitch, be transparent with the budget, the amount of agencies you are inviting, and meet your chosen agencies before the brief. This way the agency is happy and so are you.

If you would like to discover more about Frost Creative and the way we work then don’t hesitate to contact us.