Why Choose Frost Creative Before you Choose your CMS?

17th February 2018

Will you find your joy in Joomla or will WordPress win you over?

At Frost Creative, we routinely hear from people wondering which Content Management System (CMS) is best for their needs. They’ve heard about differing functionality, security concerns, and varying levels of usability – it’s no surprise they’re taking the choice seriously.

But, in our experience working on a huge range of web projects, we’ve found one thing to be true time-and-time-again:

It’s your choice of agency, not CMS, that should really drive your project.

Web projects start long before CMS implementation.

A lot of agencies come with their own CMS preferences, or even their own system built from the ground up. But forcing your brand to fit around a platform is a back-to-front way of working.

Different businesses need different things. You may be focused on ecommerce, capturing data for lead generation, or sharing your thought leadership and expertise. Your website could be product-heavy or service-led. The reason there are so many platforms to choose from is because there’s no one-size-fits all – the right platform for you will depend on your business.

When you choose Frost Creative, you’ll get an experienced team to guide you through the entire process – and we can start on a brand level, not with the execution. Our expertise in branding, strategy and messaging can help you understand and refine your needs, which can then go on to inform the decisions we make about designing, developing and delivering your website.

A tailored platform is better than bespoke.

Our designers and developers are more than capable of creating a purpose-built, bespoke CMS, but we’ve just never felt the need to. The market is packed with proven, tried-and-tested platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, ModX, Craft, Concrete, Expression Engine, and many more.

So we take all the hard work that’s already been done and then tailor your free, open source platform to fit what you need to do.

The options are endless – not just visual branding, but adding or tweaking features to make your CMS easier to work with on the backend and able to deliver a great experience on the frontend. And it’s not just adding. We’ll also take away things you don’t need, streamlining your platform and improving website performance.

Starting with an existing open source CMS means we can work faster, more flexibly, and with the advantage of thousands of developers who have brought the platform to where it is. We can focus on your one-of-a-kind theme and design rather than the underlying technology. As a result, you get quality and convenience that a bespoke development can rarely offer.

And best of all? Open source platforms help keep your costs low – not just now but for the lifetime of your website.

A CMS – and website – is only as good as its management.

With an informed choice and some customisation, one of the various open source CMSs will be right for you. But there’s a catch. From security to performance, even the perfect platform needs the right configuration and management.

Take WordPress as an example. We’ve had many, many conversations with clients who gasp when we suggest it as an option. They’ve heard that it’s always being hacked, that it leaks data like a sieve, and that it should be avoided like the plague.

And, sadly, for many of the 75 million WordPress implementations in the wild, it’s true.

But that’s not because of any inherent issues with WordPress. It’s down to poor management, lazy maintenance, or missing basic security best practice. The truth is that attackers don’t spend their energy on niche targets – they want to find vulnerabilities in the platforms people use the most. Just think about how much more exposed a Windows PC is than an Apple Mac. It’s not bad design. It’s widespread use, bad implementation, and a lack of professional maintenance.

Whichever CMS you choose, you can be sure that we won’t cut corners on how it’s configured and updated. Working with Frost Creative, you’ll get the platform you need now – along with the expertise, advice, and hands-on support you’ll need in the future.

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