Why should you consider making a video?

13th November 2017

It is no secret that video is an important tool for communication.

Brands all over the world use video as a key component of their content marketing strategy because it works. There’s no better way to communicate your brand story, your proposition, or build relationships with your customers. Hubspot have statistics that tell us that video content is highly effective and the demand for it is growing. 43% of people now want to watch more video content. 51.9% of marketing professionals globally say video is the type of content that offers the best ROI. Also, it is important to point out that YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the web, the increase in the value of video means it should be high on your agenda for your content marketing plan.

There are loads of reasons why you should consider video and no real reasons for not doing it, other than budget constraints maybe. But video is not as expensive as you may think. Video engages the consumer and grabs attention, with literally thousands of posts littering our social timelines every second think about the posts that stop you in your tracks, usually it will be a video as opposed to a static image. If you weighed up the cost of producing a video against its value to your brand then you’ll be looking to produce one now. With video engagement levels are high, everyone has heard the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words then what must video be worth? People love to watch and share videos of interest so you should want to engage with your customers as much as possible and there’s no better way than with video. This could be an animation, an interview, customer testimonial, the list goes on… With video you are able to achieve greater emotional connections with your customers, it’s an amazing way to communicate your brand story. Videos enable you to use sound, utilise a voice over that can effortlessly translate your brand tone of voice and music, which can reflect your values etc.

We’ve been supporting our clients on the delivery of successful, meaningful videos for some time now and our clients have had amazing results. From brand videos, product demos, presentations, how-to guides, case studies and idents we’ve done the lot. You can watch a few of our videos here or visit our Vimeo channel.

If you would like to learn how Frost Creative can help you deliver cost-effective yet compelling, on-brand videos or animations that will engage your customers – feel free to get in-touch.