Creating Experiences with Conference and Event Branding

19th February 2018

In this business, we’re always talking to clients about how people feel. From the tone of some copy to the connotations of an image, we all know how the right sensations and emotions can drive successful campaigns.

And where better to give your prospects and customers a multi-sensory experience than in a face-to-face, immediate setting?

For us, conference and event branding matters because it’s a rare opportunity to engage people on a visceral, in-the-moment way. Whatever happens, your customers will have an experience – something they’re likely to remember more than your latest blog post or flyer.

When you work with us, you can make sure that experience is a positive one.

Creativity from the first teaser to the big day.

Having worked on event branding for many clients, we’ve found that the best results come when we’re involved as early in the process as possible. Drawing on our branding experience, we can make sure that every detail of your rollout reflects your wider brand, generating interest and building a feeling that will continue to your event itself.

It’s creativity that should touch on everything involved in your event or conference stand – not just on the day itself, but long before. We’ve seen the best results come from a joined-up, integrated campaign that could include teaser emails, nurture campaigns, and registration sites.

It’s not enough to grow awareness – cohesive design, engaging copy and consistent branding grows excitement, hype, and anticipation. In this way, the experience begins weeks, even months before the event.

At the same time, there’s a lot to be done for the conference or event itself. There’s nothing worse than a roll-out campaign that promises one kind of experience and delivers something completely different.

Working with Frost Creative, you’ll get the advantage of an experienced team that considers every detail, including:

  • Event collateral and point of sale
  • Digital displays and videos
  • Printwork and collateral like brochures or flyers
  • Powerpoints, slide decks and visual aids

Every one of these details feeds into what makes an incredible experience – one that people remember and, above all else, one that presents your brand in the right light.

The importance of planning and strategy.

Of course, a conference or event also comes with some unique logistical requirements. It’s easy to add another page to a website; it’s not so easy to get a bigger stand at an event or deal with a sudden change of venue.

From launch campaigns to scheduling for the day, our strategists have done it all. We understand all the practical requirements of an event that runs smoothly and, working in close partnership with you, we can take care of everything.

For several clients, it’s an effective way to make sure no detail is overlooked. We’re also able to consider how ideas and creative will translate into the real world, like suggesting good placement of your collateral around a physical space or optimising designs for larger-scale print.

So you can be sure that your brand is as powerful in person as it is on the screen.

Creativity and practicality should work seamlessly together.

Creative branding can help you stand out and demand attention. Strategic planning can guarantee smooth-running. But, all too often, these are treated as separate requirements that can be handled by individual teams.

For us, they’re two intrinsically linked parts of the same process. From colours on your Powerpoint to what happens when your attendees arrive and how you follow up with them, everything reflects your brand. Everything feeds into the experience. So it seems obvious that everything should come from the same team.

Working with Frost Creative means working directly with strategists and creatives. There are no middlemen, just a close-knit, multi-disciplined team that can guide your event and conference branding to success.

It’s not just a great experience for your attendees on the day. It’s a great experience for you from the moment we get involved.

Let’s talk about your next conference or event. Contact us on ++ (0)1489 892 602 – or click here to drop us a line