Here at HQ, we don’t sit back and rub our hands with glee once we’ve secured a new project; we don’t churn out the goods and then provide a ‘frosty’ (see what I did there) customer service once the invoice has been paid.

No, we think it’s important to support and develop a relationship with our clients, existing and new. To that end, sometimes we have to say “we don’t think that will work”; because what the customer asks for is not always exactly what the customer actually needs.

We like to get our clients into the office, to meet the team, put names to faces, to get to know you a bit better. That way both sides feel like they are speaking to a colleague and not a stranger – communication is everything!

Feeling valued is a two way thing and value = respect and motivation. In fact one of the values we try to live by every day is to ‘always delight’ our clients and partners.

The feedback we received from Richard Taunton this week really typifies how we strive to work:

“I just wanted to say how absolutely thrilled I am with all of the creative work that team Frost have put together for us since we started this journey. I know it’s been a constant barrage of requests and I haven’t had much time in between to say how grateful I am for everything you’ve put together for us. I’m fully aware of the challenges the prospectus brought with it, and how many amends and tweaks that were needed but I have been so impressed with the management, the turnaround and the creative ideas that Frost have delivered. The feedback regarding our refresh has been amazing, staff are thrilled with the new prospectus and the course leaflets (lots of compliments last week at our open evening!) we’ve had great comments about our publicity materials and how vibrant they are at our careers events and assemblies with schools. The response to the social media ads have been great and we’re looking to send out the first email campaign this week to those who have already applied this year, so everything is looking up!”