Here at Frost, we’re very lucky to be able to bring our dogs into the office. Whether it’s a labrador, a spaniel or a chihuahua, each helps to brighten our working day and have become as much a part of the team as their human counterparts. Not only this, but dogs have been proven to create benefits for employees and employers alike and below are the ones we’ve found to be true…

Reducing Stress

One of the main pros of having a pet in the office environment is their ability to reduce stress. Whether it’s a quick cuddle or a game of fetch, taking your mind off of your work for a short while can help reduce feelings of stress and actually end up boosting productivity. Not only this, but as long as your team are animal lovers, having a pup in the office definitely boosts employee happiness and improves culture!

Bringing the Team Together

Though we have a small, tight knit team here at Frost, sharing a common interest helps bring a team even closer together and a dog is a perfect vessel for this. Whether it’s conversations about the pet’s wellbeing or simply bringing a more positive vibe to the office, this all helps to bring employees together and fosters a greater bond within the team.

Getting Employees Out and About

At Frost, we’re lucky that our semi-rural location makes this one particularly easy! Having a pup in the office means that people are more likely to want to venture out, whether to quickly throw a ball in the local park or go for a more substantial trek. Not only does this help with relieving stress but also means that team members are more active on their breaks, benefitting their physical health.

For us, it’s now hard to imagine office life without our furry friends by our side. It’s certainly a fantastic perk and the myriad benefits are felt in our studio. The number of offices allowing dogs into the workplace is also on the rise, a trend indicative that it’s not just our office that’s benefitting from having canine counterparts.