Each of the team at Frost have made a conscious effort to reduce their impact on the environment. It’s important for everyone to play their part through this global crises. It got the the team talking and we wondered what our carbon footprint is for the company.

We decided to sign up to carbonfootprint,com who are the first choice for many businesses when it comes to tracking and reducing carbon emissions ‘at source’ where they can, and to┬ácompensate for unavoidable emissions – via carbon offsetting – to render businesses and their activities to be net zero carbon/carbon neutral.

We have recently calculated our emissions as a company and have offset this by helping to fund equivalent carbon dioxide savings across the globe. You can review some of the projects that we are helping to fund here. Our everyday actions, at home and at work, consume energy and produce carbon emissions, such as driving, flying and heating buildings. Carbon offsetting is used to balance out these emissions by helping to pay for emission savings in other parts of the world.

By taking this step we can protect both the environment and our own business. We want to improve our sustainability credentials and make Frost a better company to be working for.