A free pitch? We’d rather cross paths with a giant black cat

27th October 2015

For a while now, marketing departments and business owners think the best way to appoint a creative agency is to get them to pitch for free.

Well, to those who say creative ideas and costs should be part of a proposal, we say ‘no’.

Collaboration is king

Aside from creativity, there’s nothing more we value than the genuine relationships we’ve built with our clients. We’ve even been known to open their eyes to the power of great design. That’s why if we were to pitch for free, we’d be doing great disservice to them. So, we just don’t do it.

Companies aren’t thinking about the negative effects a free pitch could have on their business. If agencies aren’t covering costs, they aren’t going to get the big guns out to produce mind-blowing work.

So if it’s still not clear, here’s why we’re not up for the ‘free’ pitch:

  • As a company we’re financially at a size where we don’t need to
  • We like to collaborate with our clients closely and we believe this is the only way to deliver great work
  • Budgets don’t warrant us even looking at the project
  • We’re devaluing our own services as well as the industries
  • As a DBA member we fully support their ditch the free pitch campaign
  • We only want to work with clients that are 100% sure that we’re the agency for them. If they’re completely committed to us – we’re completely committed to them
  • Our free time is spent looking after clients and giving them more for less.