Welcome to
Frost Creative!

7th May 2014

Frost Creative is born! As part of our launch we’ve created a video which summarises who we are, what we are about and the way we work – we hope you like it. The purpose of the video was not to showcase our work like you’d come to expect – this will come later, but to introduce our studio to the region. At Frost Creative our clients only ever deal with the people doing the work, the creatives. We don’t have account handlers and finance departments because we’re small and we will remain small. Frost Creative believes the best work comes from tight knitted teams of talented and passionate people and we want to keep it that way.

We work with SME’s and global brands but whether your small or a global giant you will be treated exactly the same and given the same level of  service – it’s only fair. We will never over stretch ourselves, if we did the work would suffer and that’s not what we are about. We don’t want to become a huge agency with large overheads and internal politics, we will remain small and provide you with a quality service that delivers the results you want – which hopefully keeps you coming back for more.