• Life at Frost

It’s good to be back!

Here at Frost  we’ve collectively made some decisions that will now benefit the team and our clients moving forwards.

Like everyone else we have been closely monitoring this situation and steadying the ship, trying the best we can to keep operating as efficiently as possible, whilst having a reduced work force and working remotely. However, working remotely just doesn’t work for every project we undertake, so we’ve made a decision to phase ourselves back into the studio.

Following consultation with our Health & Safety advisor we’ve set up the studio to enable our team to get back working together safely whilst adhering to the HSE’s guidelines. Some of the team will still be remote but for the majority, it’s very much back to normal. This is a welcome relief, it feels really good to be back after all this time.

We are all still adjusting in the studio, sitting at different desks and spaced out between upstairs and downstairs but it’s amazing to be back. It’s surprising how the little things can make a positive impact on your wellbeing such as seeing your team member in physical form for the first time in months, speaking to our neighbours and even turning off the alarms and shutting down for the day feels good.

To be continuing working with clients who are strategically using this downtime to focus on their businesses and communications has been really good for us. It’s certainly going to benefit them when business starts ramping up over the coming months. All our clients are now benefitting from our team being able to collaborate on projects a lot easier and as a result, it simply means we’re able to turn work around a lot faster and with far greater results. We’re finding that by Frost being more responsive and active, it is really helping our clients be more responsive to their customers needs as well.

We hope you are getting back to some normality too and remember, if you want any advice or support, you know where we are. Back home at Saints Barn.