Happy New Year, Happy New Brand?

3rd January 2018

It’s a brand new year and no doubt some of you have had one or two chats with your colleagues or loved ones about new year resolutions.

You may have decided to eat more healthily, do more exercise or spend more time with the family. You might not even have any, however the chances are there will be something. Most New Year resolutions are made to reverse the recent over indulgence or negative things you experienced the previous year, you want to put them right, right?

Now, this is us as people but what about looking at your business (your brand) and any negative experiences or challenges it encountered in the past year and what may be ahead, can you think of any?

If you can relate to any of the points below then we can help you:

  • You heard on the grapevine that one of your main competitors has launched a new service or product that could potentially impact sales for your business this year
  • You experienced steady growth last year but expect to increase significantly this year with the potential of additional offices required nationally or internationally
  • Revenues dropped off or customers left and went with a competitor
  • Not everyone is able to make sense of your products or services
  • You have been in talks with other businesses about merging or forming a partnership by the end of 2018
  • A decision was made during the last board meeting that the business needs to be broken apart
  • You’re looking to enter a new line of business or market and your existing brand won’t reflect this
  • You need/want to reach a broader audience
  • A competitor rebranded last year and now they look much better and stronger as a result
  • You had some bad press last year and it has impacted the business reputation significantly.

You may feel that none of these are applicable and you’re in a good position and that’s great, but whether it’s strategic goals or other issues that cause the need for a rebrand, understanding when the time is right to do so is just the first step. As a business you’ll need to establish the extent of the rebranding and how you go about it. After reviewing your previous years performance and marketing results, you may identify that just a tweak to the overall positioning or tone of voice is required and it can be resolved in a matter of weeks or, depending on the scale of your business operations, it could take months if you require a deeper and thorough process.

Rebranding doesn’t always have to be a daunting expensive process and involve traipsing all the way to London to get the best outcome. There are lots of amazing agencies regionally who will do a great job and we like to think we’re one of them.

If you are considering rebranding your company, a product or service, then there are a lot of things to consider to ensure its success, such as:

  • You fully understand and can define the reason for rebranding
  • Determine your strategic goals for rebranding
  • Engage with your internal and external stakeholders fully
  • Ensure research has been done to confirm the need for rebranding
  • Decide on your budget allocation for the full rebrand, this doesn’t just impact creative concepts and roll-out phase, it may result in hiring additional staff to drive the transformation as well
  • Tracking and ongoing research
  • Find a brand agency to work with on the brand strategy, the creation of the new brand identity, tone of voice / messaging and so on. It’s important that you feel you can work with them comfortably. You can read our client reviews on the RAR register to hear how we’ve helped our clients in this area
  • Make plans for the new brand identity roll-out phase and how long it may take; include the production of website, communications, signage, stationery, uniforms, livery, advertising, packaging, and so on.¬†We can help with all of this of course! See some examples here
  • Have contingencies in place for any potential negativity the new brand may cause internally
  • Launch the new brand internally, then educate staff about why it is happening and get them to buy in to it and understand it – they need to support it
  • Keep track of feedback from customers (good and bad) and continue with relevant research to ensure the work you’ve completed is working, then evolve when required. Always evolve and never stay still.

Like us humans your business/brand has needs; it also has a personality that we humans are attracted to, so why not take time to reflect on your strategic objectives. Should you introduce some New Year resolutions to your business?

We can work with you to deliver change. By using strategy, hands-on creative and technology we can build an exceptional brand that will achieve success.

Here at Frost Creative we don’t charge for a meeting or a chat, we’re happy to give some advice for free. So why not drop us a line, we may make a positive difference to your 2018.