How branding works no matter what sector your business is in

1st February 2019

While there are many specialist niche agencies around, at Frost Creative we regard ourselves as brand specialists – no matter what sector our clients happen to come from.

We have decades of experience working across multiple industry and service sectors and pride ourselves on creating unique brand solutions for every single client. We have purposely steered away from becoming “sector specialists” as we don’t want to pigeon hole ourselves or get caught up churning out regurgitated creative for the different brands that have similar offerings. Variety is the spice of life for us.

Having said that, we take our professional standing as branding specialists very seriously and we apply the fundamental approaches to branding across all industries and sectors as, if delivered properly, they are very powerful. However there are a few sector-specific areas to consider that we have outlined below:

Branding for start-up businesses

When it comes to launching a brand new business you are in a really great position as you are starting from scratch and can be open to every possibility, challenging the accepted branding “norm” in your sector.

You can take your time to examine your market from all angles, look at what your competitors are doing and assess any opportunities to exploit, all before your brand launches. You can position your business to challenge the sector’s conventions.

It becomes much harder to change your brand once you’re established, so it’s important to get it right from the out-set as a start-up business and make sure you make a splash as a new market entrant.

As a start-up you also have a clean slate, with no restrictions, so you should take advantage of the opportunity to create something exciting, without costing a fortune.

Case study: Menrock

Frost Creative developed the branding for Menrock, which was launched into the male grooming market as a mid-level product. The branding and visual language went against convention within the male grooming sector and the product consequently stands out strongly.

Rather than create a brand that was visually inspired by the heritage of traditional barber shops, we took the brave approach of creating a male targeted brand that was pink and had a glamour lifestyle slant. The result? The brand distributed globally and can be found in retailers like John Lewis and Mankind here in the UK.

You can view some of the work here

Branding for the public sector

Branding for the public sector is about having a clear message and giving the public easy access to the information they need – it’s not about standing out from the crowd here but making information easy to get to.

So branding and design for the public sector will more likely have a focus on challenging people’s behaviours or helping them to access services that they need, such as how to stop smoking, or how to find your local GP.

It can become complicated when branding for the public sector as campaigns often have multiple stakeholders involved, who all want their logos to appear on all of the material. So it’s important to create clear and distinct campaign identities.

Case Study: NHS

At Frost Creative we work with both Salisbury NHS Trust and East London NHS Trust to deliver various projects from brand creation through to magazine design and exhibition materials. Working within the NHS is very straight forward because simplicity and clarity of messaging is key.

When we create campaign or project identities for the NHS we have always ensured they complement the umbrella brand we all know so well. This helps to minimise the visual clutter and allows for more clarity in the communications.

All NHS corporate communications need to be designed with simplicity in mind as there are many different audiences with different requirements and abilities to consider.

Branding for service companies

For many service companies, their customer service is a major part of their brand offering and all of the brand elements need to work perfectly with the way the service is delivered and the expectations of the staff.

Branding in this instance needs to work with HR so that the brand promise is actually being delivered by the staff when the customers interact with the business. It’s no good the brand messaging promising polite and fast service, if the staff are then rude and slow. The brand needs to match the reality.

Case Study: Cyan Solutions

Cyan Solutions is an IT business that prides itself on excellent customer service as a key differentiator and we recently delivered a comprehensive rebrand for them with this as the focus.

Within Cyan’s market, all the competition are offering the same services but the real tangible difference with Cyan is the people delivering the service and their passion for it.

To ensure the delivery of high quality service, Cyan recruits people that not only have great IT knowledge and experience but great customer service skills as well. So we made sure the brand promise matched the company’s service delivery.

You can view some of our work here

Branding for business to business

When marketing to other companies rather than to consumers, a different branding approach is required, although the basic fundamentals are the same. Branding still needs to help the business stand out and create differentiation, but it will have a more corporate approach than perhaps a consumer campaign would.

Case Study: Corrigenda

Corrigenda is a leading facilities services company who we’ve worked with for many years, in fact we’ve grown alongside them. As they’ve grown they have needed to evolve their positioning and communications to appeal to a broader market base and because we’re a long term partner, we truly understand their business and have helped them to make an instant impact.

When you work with a specialist brand agency like Frost Creative, it becomes a partnership. We need to be embedded within your organisation to fully understand your business strategy, not just the short term but the longer term.

Our team of experts will then work alongside your business to help you deliver your objectives through the creation and implementation of an effective brand strategy and ongoing brand guardianship.

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help your business with a branding approach then please call us today and we will be happy to talk through your requirements.