We are delighted to announce the release of ICEBOX, our very own one-of-a-kind web application designed for the most complex files and documents. Whether you’re preparing compliance reports, digitising your user guides, creating a dedicated trades area with custom price lists for your products, or putting together a building manual — ICEBOX makes it easy to request, capture, combine, manage and share documents of every shape and every size.

We designed ICEBOX to make our clients lives easier, working with big, complex documents is now faster, flexible and easy. It comes with rich automation, so you can even take the repetitive admin out of putting your documents together if that was required. Our system can be adapted to suit a wide variety of uses from simply streamlining and digitizing your administrative processes or by improving your customers overall brand experience by offering them a dedicated and secure online access to their own dashboard of documentation tailored for them.

Some of ICEBOX features are

  • Automatically collect the files and documents you need
  • Instantly combine approved documents into one
  • Give people secure access to specific information of your choice
  • Review overall document progress in real-time
  • Approve, reject and add comments for specific files
  • Save the time and money you spend on document management
  • Manage your document on smartphones and tablets
  • Create a consistent customer experience with customised branding and logos
  • All in the same easy to use, white-labelled platform that can be integrated into any WordPress website.

A proven platform, now available to everyone

ICEBOX is already tried and tested and helping our clients save time while safeguarding quality in industries from construction to marketing and cyber security.

Construction & Health & Safety

  • Put subcontractors in control of submitting records
  • Create a building manual faster and more efficiently than ever before
  • Manage health and safety files in one place
  • Let principle contractors update their own files and documents

Real Estate

  • Say goodbye to CDs full of files
  • Manage documents for every property in one interface
  • Give customers and partners access to owner manuals for specific properties

Cyber security

  • Bring all your policies together in the same platform
  • Let policy owners update their own files and documents
  • Quickly generate documents for compliance and certification


  • Ideal for complex ISO accreditation documents
  • Stay ahead of every change and file update
  • Share policies and records in a few clicks


  • Create an online brand document quickly and efficiently
  • See how your projects are progressing
  • Store your guidelines and assets in one platform


  • Digitise your collateral, price lists and brochures
  • Give customers access to tailored price lists
  • A streamlined way to store documents across the customer lifecycle

We’d love to show you around. Send us an email or give us a call.