There is a whole multitude of inspirational motion designers out there, from freelancers to motion agencies and here are 5 of my top picks that has inspired my own journey into the world of motion design.

Jonas Mosesson
Jonas Mosesson’s work is clean, simple and his recent work for IKEA shows just that.

Mat Voyce
Mat Voyce is a Type animator who creates some amazing work using various techniques. His work stands out and has a signature style that only Mat can produce. His client list is quite impressive too, Disney, Google, Nike and even the BBC have enlisted is creative kinetic type skills.

Caroline Kjellberg
Caroline Kjellberg is a 2D animator who has a knack for injecting illustrative animation into real life imagery and video. Check out Carolines show reel here:

Cub Studio
Cub Studio is an animation Studio based in Brighton UK, a small team of highly creative and talented motions designers, their work is unique and fun especially the #TrumpFacts which are hilarious and a great way to show off their humour and skill.

Arimura Taishi
Arimura Taishi is an animator/graphic designer working at CHOCOLATE Inc. based in Tokyo and the Blue Hamhams are four space hamster bothers that Taishi created. Check out some of the examples of the Blue
Hamhams making music here.