Humans are naturally drawn towards spotting things that are different. Curiosity is in everyone. However, once people take a closer look they may not like what they uncover and feel let down. On closer inspection of this image you’ll discover that it’s just another dot.

This principle can be applied to business/brands. Look at your organisation, what is it that truly differentiates you?

Are you just another me too business, marketing a commodity rather than what makes you and your service ‘truly’ different?

Branding goes beyond the visual identity and content, it’s the whole business, a deep organisational thing that needs to be managed properly. Be that by the MD, CEO or a brand consultancy. Too many businesses today are adopting short term profit making tactics that are damaging the brand in the longer term.

At Frost we like to look at the bigger picture of the organisation. Uncover what it is about you that is truly unique, what place in the market can you claim as your own. Obviously it goes without saying that an element of what we do is creative design and messaging, but we also work with organisations to unearth opportunities that can help them stay ahead of the competition.

This will involve close collaboration with our clients, coming up with new ways to potentially disrupt their sector or reimagine how their services are delivered. It is important organisations avoid being another ‘me too’ offering as that will only hinder growth, you need a point of difference. Being brave and somewhat stubborn with your efforts to avoid doing what everyone else is doing is not a short term win, it’s a long game and one you’ll benefit more from financially.

If you want to discover how you can differentiate your business in a world of sameness, give us a call.