Clients of all sizes trust us to deliver at every stage of the development journey.

At Frost Creative, we work with organisations in the property sector to deliver successful results through a range of services, including destination branding; site/development branding; internal & external communications; workspace branding and digital services such as websites, interactive buildings manuals, virtual consultations and motion graphics. We bring the strategy, creativity and experience you need to create work that genuinely drives your success.

We’re proactive partners and trusted consultants for leading organisations across the sector such as; Crayfern Homes, Linden Homes, Radian Housing Group (now Abri), Arcadia Homes, PegasusLife, Renaissance CBRE, Mace Macro and corporates such as Unilever, Direct Line, NHS, Solent University and many others. Our experienced team collaborate across organisations to ensure you achieve the results you want, when you need them. Because we have a deep understanding of the whole sector, we can act as the common thread to ensure branding, messaging and the vision for a development is carried through all stages of a project. Our experienced team are comfortable collaborating with all parties at all stages such as construction, architects, space planners, fit-out and application of branding to a finished site.

A summary of the range of services Frost provide the property sector can be read below;

Destination Naming and Branding

At Frost we have considerable experience working with clients to develop an over-arching vision and personality for the development of a destination. Whether re-defining a new vision for an existing area, or creating a brand and vision for a new development, we work closely with all parties to get a deep understanding of the objectives for the development, including the history of the site, existing or new communities, proposed services, local treasures and any other influences.

From naming, destination branding and application of this, to a broad range of brand touchpoints including signage, hoardings, communications to internal and external audiences, Frost can deliver consistent messaging throughout the life of the project and leave a lasting personality.


Project image:
Argent, King’s Cross. Destination branding, implementation across estate (hoardings, signage, print, website, uniforms, machinery, etc.)


Site/Development Branding

We work with a range of well established property developers, delivering naming and brand identity for specific sites, from housing developments to retirement apartments. We look to create brands that reflect the local area and aspirational lifestyle for each development and support the marketing process with the design of any required communications from hoardings, sign-posting, advertising campaigns, websites and printed marketing materials.

As part of this process, we have occasionally developed sub-brands to support new and innovative ways of providing management services to private renters and generating more successful lead generation.


Project images: Radian Smart. Brand strategy, messaging, lead generation campaign planning & implementation.


Internal & External Communications

Every development will have a broad range of audiences it will need to engage with and communicate with. Whether this is staff at a corporate office that is being re-located or re-developed, a local community that will be effected by or interested in a new development, or local influencers such as politicians, councils, press, etc. There will always be a requirement to understand their concerns, aspirations and to provide essential information to ensure they are aware of all aspects of the development and have the opportunity to contribute views and suggestions where appropriate.

We work to develop audience message matrices to ensure the right information is delivered to each audience at the right time and using the right media. This can take the form of printed collateral, exhibitions, website and social comms, etc.

Project images: Radian Group. Internal marketing communicating future strategy .



Workspace Branding

At Frost Creative, we deliver brand communications through the physical environment. We create branded workspaces that reflect the mission, vision and values of an organisation that are energising and unifying spaces for employees and visitors alike. From meeting rooms to open plan work floors, breakout spaces and communal spaces, we apply branding to multiple facets of a building.

Workspace branding provides opportunities to tell stories of the great work an organisation does and acts as a constant reminder of the company’s mission.

We work alongside architects, space planners, and developers to deliver inspiring workspaces which can also be applied consistently and cost-effectively across a global office network. We manage all aspects, from initial brand proposals to final production and installation.

Project images: Unilever. Global workspace concept design, messaging, design, production and installation.


Digital Services

We’re experts in web design, development and video. We bring creativity, technology, commercial experience and UX strategies together, creating amazing digital experiences across all devices for developers and construction firms all over the UK. From traditional property marketing websites, one of a kind online building manuals systems, virtual consultation websites, eCommerce platforms and property microsites all with cutting edge, responsive design, through to digital campaigns, social media platforms and video, our award-winning digital solutions will help you achieve what you want when you need it.

Project image: BWS Group. Brand strategy, branding, messaging, website, collateral, integrated online building manuals web application and client portal.

If you would like a chat to discuss how Frost could potentially help you, feel free to get in-touch on 01489 892 602 or email [email protected]