Packaging for John Lewis

21st July 2014

Our dear client Merock has been doing really well in recent months and we were delighted to find out that John Lewis had placed an order with them.
This may not sound like a big deal but the fact Menrock is merely a year old means this is an amazing achievement for them. What’s even more astounding is that after only few weeks John Lewis had sold out all the initial units they ordered.

We have worked with Menrock from the very beginning and have developed a brand of shaving products that sits apart from anything else on the shelves, the design is not cutting edge nor would it win any design awards but it works. Our initial research found that all shaving products had a nod to the vintage barber shops, or had a biker appeal to the designs. Rather than blend in we wanted a brand that looked high-end and had standout. Our approach was to create a series of packaging designs that utilised lifestyle glamour shots of good looking males – very simple but there is nothing else on the market doing this which suggests why Menrock are doing so well at the moment.

So far we have developed a series of shaving kits, beard oil sets, shaving creams, bowl, moisturisers aftershave. It’s pleasure working with these guys on such a great product.