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Positive Pandemic Projects 

You’ve more than likely heard the saying that every successful business needs to successfully manage People, Process, and Products. It is at a time like this where there’s an opportunity for you to make wholesale changes within your business for the longer term benefit and not just for this current situation. For example, if you have come to a point that you feel you no longer have the right people, processes or products, then now is the time to be bold and adjust accordingly. However, don’t just act because your hand is being forced financially but think about the longer term benefits and how your business has evolved to get to the position you find it in today. Yes, you may need to make some difficult decisions but also be pragmatic and explore how you can make this time of crisis a positive one for you and your business. If customers can’t or don’t want to buy your core products at this time then explore other options. Are there any alternatives or extensions that you could offer? Could you start offering a complimentary service or services? Could you use this time to agree better deals with your suppliers, or design your own product to increase margins? If your primary services are not being sought after then you should adapt and give your customers what they need. This will benefit you now and will also evolve your business for future gain.

We’ve seen a shift in attitude from our own clients and other businesses who have acted by pulling the plug on all marketing activity or have issued a temporary pause or reduced service. Even though the evidence and insights widely available would recommend brands NOT to do this, people managing businesses are naturally cautious. We would actually agree with some businesses that stopping or slowing down on some marketing activity is a sensible move, especially when they’re just adding to the noise, however we would also recommend looking at the broader picture for your brand and take advantage of making wholesale changes that can have a positive impact on your business during this pandemic and beyond. We’re almost 2 months in, what positive change have you actioned on your business / brand so far?

Identify the opportunities

Not all brands have stood still and we’re delighted to have been able to utilise our creative and consulting skills in various ways during this pandemic for a couple of our long term clients. Kingsworthy Foundry are a Hampshire based retailer who relied solely on footfall into their showroom before the pandemic hit. By consulting with their management team, we identified an opportunity and designed and delivered a digital sales platform in record time, transforming their sales and marketing model and overall customer ordering process to achieve a near equal volume of pre-pandemic monthly sales. Their customer base has gone from being regional to international, meaning that when their doors finally re-open, revenues will only increase. If a business like Kingsworthy Foundry that has operated the same way for over 75 years can implement positive changes during a time like this, then a lot can be learnt by others. We look forward to further supporting Kingsworthy on this exciting digital journey and helping revenues sore to new heights.

As of today, we’re also working with a construction brand, BWS Group, to evolve their working processes and create additional revenue streams by way of digitising and automating their service delivery. Frost refer to this as ‘brand-IT’. The work we’re doing crosses digital, IT and marketing. It’s still branding, but most people don’t realise branding and the work Frost delivers often goes far deeper than just brand strategy and the implementation of marketing campaigns or collateral. We’ve explored and designed a new way of administrating and delivering their service, saving hours on administration, reducing staffing costs and eradicating common errors whilst at the same time improving the overall customer and supplier experience, which is vital for the success of any brand. Our new application will also enable our client to increase revenue streams by way of online paid subscriptions, one-off purchases for complete projects or variable costs for specific requirements. We initially began working with BWS Group last year, repositioning them and rebranding the business with a view for long term growth. This pandemic enabled us to consult and give sound business advice that over the next couple of months will redefine how their services are delivered, elevating the brand and give them a competitive advantage within their category.

In summary

As we step closer to getting back to some form of normality, the next couple months will see those businesses that understand that their brand reflects their business and is a valuable asset, push forwards more successfully and in turn will be well prepared for what’s to come.

For the businesses that have paused, gone into hibernation waiting to see what happens and are failing to keep communication lines going with their clients, staff and suppliers, will inevitably falter and struggle to gain back momentum. Potentially losing once loyal customers along the way to competitors who acted proactively and gained a greater trust. Frost can help you make your next moves quickly and more effectively, defining your business, brand and future success. Whatever stage of this crisis you are in, we can be of value. This is the perfect time to learn, evolve and grow your business in multiple ways.

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