Pitching to stay afloat?

21st November 2013

As an agency we don’t specialise in any particular sector, we truly believe that if your good at what you do you can provide effective creative design regardless of the sector or brief. We were recently approached by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Power Boat division for graphic design support, we obviously jumped at the chance to help. The best working relationships are forged when there’s a commitment from both the agency and client, we don’t participate in free pitches because we can’t commit the attention we feel your work needs so it’s really refreshing when an organisation like the RYA approaches you just off the back of liking what they see and not asking for free work, as a result we invested more time than quoted to ensure we give a good impression and it’s our little way of saying thank you for not requesting us to pitch.

It’s hard enough for agencies to survive, even harder when they’re constantly asked to pitch. You wouldn’t call up several restaurants, ask each restaurant to cook a meal and say to the restaurant owners you will only pay for the meal if they feel it’s the best one compared to four others. I know it’s a completely different business arena but morally pitching (in my eyes) is wrong.

We are a small business and certainly can’t invest time in giving away free ideas or design for the hope a client likes the work. The fact is if we are commissioned to do a task we will deliver and we will exceed your expectations – this fundamentally why we do what we do. Small to medium size businesses should be helping each other stay afloat not be the cause of them to sink.

Rant over 🙂