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Presence not presents: Is your marketing festive ready?

Although we’ve only just hit autumn, festive chocolates and decorations are already hitting the shelves as a reminder that the end of the year is looming! Not only does this mean that the festive period is almost upon us, but as 2019 draws to a close, marketing for your final push of this year should be top priority.

The festive period is an incredibly important time for a business. Whether you’re figuring out how to show your clients they’re appreciated, making plans for the new year or making a push on a product, deciding on an end goal is an important first step in finding a direction. Depending on your business, different approaches will be necessary, but the sooner you start thinking of what you’d like to achieve and put it into action, the less stressed you’ll be as the year draws to a close.

For B2B businesses, sending a small personalised gift to your clients can truly show them you care and remind them of your presence. Whether this is as simple as a custom designed calendar to help them with planning in the new year or a complex box design to house a more substantial gift, your package should serve not only as something to make your clients smile but also to subconsciously help keep you at the forefront of their mind when thinking of purchasing in the coming months.

For B2C businesses, perhaps some advertising to sell your product to the masses of festive shoppers would help boost sales? This could be in the form of targeted social media marketing, pushing your products to exactly those who are most likely to purchase in a fun and interactive way. Alternatively, a more traditional approach of placing adverts in carefully selected media or locations would target a different audience and has the chance to be seen by a wider variety of people. Either way, having a campaign or advert designed that truly cuts through all of the other festive paraphernalia is important to make sure your product is seen and ultimately purchased.

Festive marketing can come in a variety of different forms, but no one is better equipped to help you plan a solid strategy than Frost Creative. Whether you’d like ideas for client gifts or a fully fledged festive campaign, get in touch now to ensure your festive period goes smoothly and is as profitable as possible.