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Product Design that Works

As we edge closer to the festive season, the importance of product design becomes increasingly apparent. Getting your product noticed is key to grabbing consumers’ attention and making sales, but how do you achieve that in such a saturated market?

Firstly, your overarching brand needs to be carefully considered. Just like your product itself, your brand needs to be well researched and pinned down first. A story consumers can truly buy into makes your brand more appealing, which will spill over into your products. Whether this is leveraging your business’ heritage or eco-friendly ways, crafting a strategic brand will give you the edge on your competitors and give you a true idea of what’s going on in your market.

Secondly, context is a very important factor. This is true both in terms of your branding and the product design itself. If you don’t consider where your product will be situated and how your customers will interact with it, you can’t plan how it’s going to stand out against it’s competitors. If you’re going to have it in a physical store, what will it be sat next to? Even for online retailers, looking at your competitors packaging and finding a differentiator will go a long way to help your product be chosen over theirs. This could be achieved in a number of ways; perhaps in something as simple as your colour palette, all the way up to considering more exciting print finishes to truly create a stand out product.

Lastly, your advertising should be thoroughly researched, planned and actioned. There are a multitude of ways to get the word out about your product these days, from print ads to social media posts to digital advertising. Do some research into your intended audience; what media is most likely to reach them? For example, if your audience are 60+, perhaps a social media post may not reach them, but a well placed print ad in a popular local publication would? Once you’ve gotten your plan together, a consistent, well written campaign can be created to target your audience and make sure your product truly gets out there.

Overall, the most important factor is a well considered approach every step of the way. Attention to detail is key, whether it’s in your brand, products or advertising, and this can be a huge factor in making sales. We know this at Frost and are inherently strategic by design. Get in touch today if you’ve read any of the above and thought ‘oh, we need some of that’! We’d love to help your product achieve new heights.