Helping Vision Accendo light up the stadium business summit

28th October 2014

It’s been pretty relentless the last week, the team has been working through the night responding to Vision Accendo’s call for help.

Vision Accendo are the company responsible for installing the new all LED floodlight system at St Mary’s, the home of Southampton FC. Vision Accendo had booked a place at the Stadium Business Summit in Madrid and realised they needed a video case study to help showcase their capabilities.

We came to the rescue and delivered a quick fire video which we scripted, provided the voice over and also animated using a combination of our own graphical elements and supplied stadium footage. Vision Accendo were over the moon with the end result, as are we considering the time frame we delivered it.


The video is to be used on their exhibition stand as a backdrop and handed out on bespoke video books to future prospects. The approach we took was simplicity. As this video needed to be used as a looped presentation on screen we needed to ensure that the key messages were clearly visible to visitors walking past but also allow the video to be used on video books with sound. Problem solved! This project was unusual in that the deadline was so tight, even though we are delighted to have delivered the project in the required timeframe if we had longer we could have done so much more.