Still a Winner!

17th November 2014

We recently submitted a website in to the ‘Best Client Website’ category at the Wirehive 100 Digital awards. As a small agency we feel it’s necessary to participate in industry award competitions to  demonstrate to  prospective clients that we are as capable as the bigger agencies out there, and help raise our profile and our clients’ profiles. Which is why we recently submitted a website we’ve designed to the ‘Best Client Website’ category of the Wirehive 100 Digital Awards.

As you would expect, these prestigious award shows are littered with big names, industry leaders and serial winners. We were the smallest agency taking part and couldn’t help wondering whether we stood a chance. Well, we reached the final!

Additionally, earlier in the year, we won a Pixel award, which was a massive achievement. Winning gives the team a great sense of achievement, so when we completed our site for (for which we’ve had remarkable feedback) we wanted to feel that way again and decided to give it a shot.

After taking the time to submit an entry, you have to simply wait. We waited so long in fact, that we forgot we’d even entered the competition! So when we you received an email informing us that we’d been shortlisted, we were naturally overjoyed and shouted it from the rooftops! The first person we told was the client. We wanted them to appreciate just how good the work is and also give them something engaging to talk to their customers about.

As a finalist you are invited to an award show – a black tie event. I thought: ‘Great! I’ll take Ian along and we can have a good night celebrating. But the cost to attend was £175 per head! Unfortunately, having already paid £200 to enter the competition, as a small agency I couldn’t  justify paying to attend. With the cost so high, I was intrigued to discover the types of agencies also in the running for the award and discovered that we were punching well above our weight: Frost Creative, a small agency in Hampshire against some of the biggest digital agencies in the South East. ‘Not a chance!’ I thought! There’s no way in hell we would win against them and the brand sites they’d submitted. So we waited to find out how we got on. We were joint runners up, but in our eyes we really won. Just to get to the final and be alongside agencies with a staff count of over 30 was an achievement in itself.