It has been quite a while since we’ve given an update on our situation here at Frost, so the team wanted to share an overview of the projects and support we’ve been giving clients over the past few months.

Like every business things have slowed down for us too; it has been steady but not at the pace we are used to. However, if we look back at the past few months and the work we’ve delivered it is quite hard to comprehend, with everything that has been going on, the amount we have achieved and the positive changes we’ve made to our clients’ businesses. The team take great pride in our work, making sure we do the very best for our clients, adding value beyond design wherever possible and are delighted to share this update with you.



A brand refresh and e-commerce website for Kingsworthy Foundry

We worked with our long standing client Kingsworthy Foundry to give their brand a slight refresh and deliver an online store in record time. The new online shop enabled Kingsworthy to continue selling products Nationally whilst the physical store was forced to shut. This not only helped the company financially during a difficult time, but will benefit the business longer term. Building an online shop was a cost effective way to bring additional revenue streams to the business.

Any business selling products or services should certainly be exploring opening up new revenue streams through digital channels. Most products and services can be sold online as standalone items or as ongoing subscriptions these days. It often takes an external view to help you identify how you can make digital work harder for your business financially, so get in touch if you want Frost to help you explore making the most of the opportunities available to your business.

If you fancy purchasing a stove, or a world-class outdoor BBQ or Oven then these are your go to guys:



Re-developing and designing the new online store for London’s newest luxury wellbeing destination

For all businesses lockdown has been a massive issue, but for those relying on footfall for revenues, this pandemic is hitting them very hard. Salon Savant is one of London’s newest and most dynamic luxury and wellbeing destinations; they have had to make the shift to giving virtual appointments and consultations rather than face to face. However, this has opened up opportunities for extending the retail aspect of the business to being online as well.

We worked tirelessly to redevelop their site admin facility, making it more user friendly and suitable for future development at the same time as designing and integrating a user friendly e-commerce store that opens up additional revenue streams for the business.

If you are ever up in town and have some time to spare, pay them a visit I’m sure you’ll be amazed:



A web application with powerful automation enabling the collection, management and presentation of manuals effortless

During lockdown we worked closely with the team at BWS Group to build an innovative new online platform; one that is fully integrated into their existing website and that manages the preparation of buildings manuals effortlessly, saving time on administration and giving their clients and end users a better overall service and experience. We are proud to have developed this fully automated digital platform that saves the client time and money, increases efficiency and opens the door to multiple new revenue streams.

If you think your business should be more forward thinking and doing something better, then speak to us we might find creative ways help you improve processes, customer experience and service delivery.



Award Winners!

Through all the doom and gloom it was nice to receive notification of our latest Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals Platinum Award win for our work with Tinkr. Tinkr has ambitions on becoming the recruitment industry’s smartest platform for sourcing & filtering data professionals, where employers can enjoy a hassle free and time saving process, sourcing talent.

The team delivered brand strategy, naming, brand identity, brand communications, APP design, UX/UI and more recently a digital user acquisition campaign that delivered great results.

You can read about the project here

Well done to everyone involved!

Got an idea for an APP but don’t know how to launch it, then speak to us?



Marketing done right delivers ROI, let us be accountable

With Mike Gowar firmly onboard and helping us deliver strategically for our clients, we are confidently able to offer our clients Global Marketing Director support once or twice a week, to attend monthly board meetings or whatever fits your needs, for a fraction of the cost of you hiring internally. You may already know Mike from the strategic work we have delivered recently on your branding projects.

Mike and the rest of the team at Frost can ensure your marketing is managed effectively and delivers true ROI. We can plan, manage and monitor your activity; this includes managing all partner agencies, ensuring they’re all following the same strategic path, and delivering a return on your investment/budget for all activity.

A few of our clients have benefitted from Mikes expertise during lockdown and are certainly now well armed for coming out the other side of this mess with everything strategically aligned. If you hold us accountable we will make sure everything works for you.

If you would like to learn how Mike and the rest of the team at Frost can make your marketing budget work harder, give us a call on 01489 892 602.



Prospectus and new modern website for our friends at Richard Taunton Sixth Form College!

Richard Taunton Sixth Form College are a great client. We really enjoy working with the team over there and have recently completed the 2020-21 annual prospectus design and sent this off to print. We’re also on the verge of launching the brand new website that we’re delighted to have been be instructed on during lockdown.

We are really excited about sharing the new contemporary site with the world as it’s a culmination of all the past years hard work with the brand evolution we’ve been helping them with. Our work with RTSFC has delivered early results already and with the new website imminent, we are certain this will have an even greater impact on the college’s enrolment figures in the future.

Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks for the new site.


Illustration and animation support for the Office of National Statistics!

Late March the Office of National Statistics came knocking. They had an urgent need for design, illustration and animation support. They needed our help with the creation of a broad range of designed assets that will be utilised across the National Census campaign.

We can’t divulge much about this work as it’s not live yet but it was nice to get our hands on some work that didn’t require our strategic insight but was just all about fun illustration, design and motion graphics.

If you are looking for creative ways to make your content more engaging drop us a line on 01489 892 602.