The power of lasting partnerships

1st February 2019

When many people think of design, they only consider one-off projects like a brochure or a new logo and fail to see the bigger picture and full benefits of working consistently with a brand design agency to support their business.

Here at Frost Creative we like to do things differently. While, of course, we deliver the day to day design work businesses need and expect, we deliver it as part of a broader scope of works, after having first delivered the brand strategy, messaging and overall visual look and feel for the business.

We certainly can do brochure work, campaigns, websites, packaging etc..but we don’t carry out these as stand-alone projects because we want to add value to our clients’ businesses. There’s not much value we can bring to a business coming to us just for a poster or 4pp brochure for example.

As a strategic brand specialist agency we want to make a REAL difference to your organisation and we are perfectly placed to lead the brand direction for a business from the outset and then deliver all the required assets for that organisation moving forwards.

Working together in partnership means we can really get to know the business and can advise on brand and design development as the business grows and changes over time. As a long term partner to our clients we are invested in supporting the business and making a difference.

Here are some of the key benefits to working with a brand design agency as a long term partner, rather than for one-off work:

  • Helps to build trusting relationships between the organisations
  • Better understanding of the business requirements
  • Able to better identify potential issues before they escalate
  • Agency becomes an extended part of the team
  • Brand experts can be a sounding board for key business decisions
  • Ensures brand consistency across all communications
  • Understanding of staff and customers
  • Easier to deliver marketing campaigns due to the knowledge and understanding
  • Can be called for urgent advice or information out of the blue

At Frost Creative we work with businesses of all shapes and sizes and we’ve been both the lead agency and support agency for many of our clients, working in partnership to support design and brand projects. However, as a business ourselves, we are always evolving and are now making the shift away from being a support agency and are being engaged by businesses going through big change.

For example, we now work with investment firms that want to ensure that when they transfer funds to their clients, the clients have a brand agency in place to help deliver an effective brand and business proposition. That way the investment firm knows they will get a return on their investment.

We also work in partnership with businesses that are merging or have acquired another company. We work in partnership, looking at the new business structure and delivering the branding and communications line with the new business objectives.

As a partner we then help the new company to ensure they keep their marketing and brand communications on track going forward.

We even work with businesses on improving customer experience models and help shape the overall service delivery and approach. Working in partnership with a brand design agency can bring far more advantages to your business than you’ll ever get by just requesting a brochure or a poster.

If you’d like to talk about how working with Frost Creative could help to support your business then please do give our team a call today.