Print costs are rising, so how can we help?
If you aren’t aware, paper has gone up about 54% since the start of the year and there have been several reasons for this. UPM Biofore, one of the world’s largest papermakers in Finland went on strike, resulting in no raw materials being produced this year which has had huge ramifications across Europe on paper supply.

The rising cost of energy has meant that paper manufacturers have had to pass on large price increases to wholesalers and in turn consumers. And with the cost of energy continuing to rise it will more than likely go up again soon.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Russia supplies 70% of the chemicals used in copier paper manufacture and the sanctions have restricted their supply.

These challenges have led to less stock being available and the stock that is, is at a higher price.

What can we do?
Frost can advise on print management, stock and special finishes. We know which printers have the ability to offer foiling/embossing etc in house – there are not many printers down south that offer the range of finishing in house, and most tend to outsource to specialist finishing companies, who have been hit massively with the affects of covid, and the down turn that happened. We also know which printers are best for short runs and which are best if you’re in a hurry.

As it is always more cost effective to print in volume, we are currently looking into having two prospectuses printed simultaneously for two colleges – same stock, same size etc – this should have a real impact on the print final costs for our client. Frost has connections with printers who will allow you to pre-purchase paper to secure a cost – however if a job takes a back seat once purchased you could be hit with storage costs.

So, if we are designing a leaflet, brochure, stationery, pull up banner, point of sale, or anything else for you, let us look after your print.