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Things to remember when moving offices

Having recently up-ended ourselves from our little office in Waltham Chase and moved down the road to our lovely new space in Durley, we’ve been reminded of the sometimes painful experience of moving offices! With so many things to think about, from logistics to marketing to internet connection, it’s been a challenge, but we’re now settled in to our new place.

An often forgotten aspect of moving your business is updating your details on branded collateral. Your address and contact numbers are printed on business cards, present on your website and social media, on letterheads and proposal documents and so much more. We’re lucky here at Frost that we have the resources to update all of this ourselves, but for other companies it’s not so easy and may require a bit of extra planning.

A helpful tip to ensure you avoid the awkward ‘oh, but our details are different now!’ when you hand out those last remaining business cards is to make a list of all your collateral which will need updating well before the move. This way, you can see what needs amending and let your design team know in advance, giving you time to get artwork set up and printed for when you’re in your new space.

Another consideration is whether you’d like to send out any marketing collateral. Letting clients know your new details can be important and also presents a neat opportunity to reach out and start a conversation. Do you simply want to send an email to let clients know of the change? Pop a card in the post? Or even create a full social media campaign about your exciting new digs? You can do as much or as little as you like, but here at Frost we recommend taking the opportunity to do something different and even presenting your clients with an offer to get business booming as soon as you move.

Obviously, this is only a tiny portion of what needs to be thought about on an office move, but hopefully will give you some tips on the marketing side of an office move which is sometimes forgotten. If you’re looking to run a campaign about your upcoming change or would like to talk move in-depth brand, get in touch with the Frost team today.