Brand encompasses everything your business stands for and therefore the people you hire and retaining staff are also major components to building an effective and successful business.

At Frost, we work with clients to help them develop EVPs (Employer Value Propositions) and also work with their HR and recruitment leadership teams to create employer branding and recruitment campaigns.

What’s the difference between an EVP or Recruitment Brand Campaign?

An EVP is essentially the promise you make as an employer to your employees. If you work in HR or recruitment, then you’ll see the importance of ensuring your employee promise provides the right environment, experiences and benefits for your employees to thrive. In simple terms, the EVP is what you will offer your employees in return for their commitment to the business. It will involve the sum of all the benefits and rewards employees receive from the organisation they work for.

An employer brand or HR campaign is the identity your company shows the world as a potential employer. Typically this will take the form of a creative campaign that communicates what it is like to work for Company X or Y using images of real staff and messaging that relates to the experiences employees share about their time employed by the company.

Below are few examples of applauded recruitment brand campaign posters from various sources online:

Image Credit: Creative Energy Agency


Image Credit: Karmarama


Image Credit: Design Inc


Image Credit: Michen Creative


Image Credit: Blaze Advertising


Set the foundations with an EVP and your brand recruitment campaign will succeed

These example brand recruitment campaigns are designed to make the brand/business attractive to people and drive applications for roles. These creative brand recruitment campaigns could not be achieved without an EVP in place. An effective creative brand recruitment campaign combined with a well-considered media campaign will engage, raise awareness of your brand and increase applications for roles available at your organisation. However, once people are engaging and reviewing roles on offer it is important to consider how your job listings are written. Job listings with a little bit of creativity applied can really influence the type of individual that applies for certain roles, sifting out the inappropriate candidates and increasing applications from the right people for your organisation.

Your employer value proposition will essentially define what employees will get from working for you, while your employer recruitment brand is an outward-facing series of multi-channel communication assets designed to target the people you want to join the business.

Often we are briefed by clients who are struggling to recruit the right talent. There could be a number of reasons for this of course, such as; the company is known to have a poor culture, there’s a lack of opportunities for graduates or entry-level employees to climb the career ladder or low pay. These can all influence why businesses are hiring the wrong people. First things first, identifying why there’s a challenge in the first place is vital. This will then offer insight into how the company needs to adjust in order to iron out the issues with staffing. This, of course, will involve an element of culture change but when done right can be very positive for a business to move forwards.

Creating an employer value proposition that the whole company buys into is a vital step on the path to hiring the right talent. Once this is set, not only will you see an improvement in retaining staff, your reputation will begin to change as word of mouth spreads that your company is a good place to work. The employer brand will be able to communicate to the world why this, or why a particular type of person should want to work with the company and therefore influence them to apply for roles.

Branding, Employer Value Propositions and Employer Branding are all about influencing opinion, values or beliefs whilst being honest and truthful. Get this right and your business will flourish.

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