Frost have recently joined forces with long term friends and partners Bison Grid to form an alliance that will bring greater benefits to both our clients.

What does this mean?

From April the 4th we will joined at Saints Barn by a dedicated team of digital and technical experts that will elevate our combined capabilities.

At Frost, we remain focussed on our core strength offering that is Brand Strategy, Consultancy and Design, whilst Bison’s remains Website Development, Hosting, Security & DevOps, Software Development and Digital Transformation Consultancy.

We have been partnering with Bison for many years on and off and have already collaborated on some successful award-winning projects for the likes of YeoValley, Kabuto Noodles, SLS and BIHIMA to name a few, so we know this will be of great value to our clients brand and/or business operations.
As businesses, brands and technology continues to evolve and the greater need to be secure online increases, we both realise the level of creative and technical support our clients demand will continue to be far greater than ever before. Therefore, we believe by coming together we will offer our clients the perfect balance of specialist expertise to ensure our clients brands and businesses are as effective offline as they are online.

Through this partnership we firmly believe that we now posses arguably the largest strategic, creative and technical team under one roof in the region, so our clients and future prospects can rest assured that we’ll be able to maximise opportunities for their brand across all touch-points and deliver maximum value and ROI.

Introducing Herd Group…

We are a full service agency providing world class communications and design with unrivalled web technology and development. This is a partnership that can deliver measurable results for forward thinking brands.

Collectively we offer unrivalled access to specialist expertise across the following service areas:

  • Brand & Comms Consultancy
  • Creative Design
  • Video & Motion
  • Workspace
  • Website & APP Design
  • Website Development
  • Hosting,┬áSecurity & DevOps
  • Software Development
  • Digital Transformation Consultancy

If you would like to find out more about Herd Group feel free to call us on 01489 892 602, alternatively you can email us here: