Welcome Jessica!

23rd October 2015

Recently we posted an advert calling for talented junior and middleweight designers to apply for a vacancy at our studio in Hampshire and the response we had from that was astounding.

We had literally 100′s of applicants from designers of all levels approach us, shortlisting the candidates for an interview was a very difficult task indeed. From the very first time Jessica approached us she was at the top of our ‘must meet’ list. Her CV was well designed, her portfolio of work was good, it wasn’t the best we had viewed but there we saw a lot of potential there. She already had some prior work experience at another local agency so out of all the graduates that applied she had a slight advantage.

When we first met Jess it was clear she would fit in and be able to fulfil the requirements of the role but there was also a couple of other candidates who could as well. We invited Jess and the other two candidates in for a weeks work experience, this way the candidates could get a feel for the company, we could learn a little more about them and by the end of the process be able to make a confident decision on whom to employ.

Jess hit the ground running and after her week of work experience the job was hers in our eyes.

When the other candidates came in it was evident the prior experience Jess had gained benefited her, as she was able to get stuck in to most tasks with ease.

After the trial periods we offered Jess the job and we were delighted she accepted. Jess is a recent graphic design graduate from Southampton University who already has an award to her name. As part of a final major project she was part of the design team that created a booklet that showcased the work of the students on the course. This project scooped the Antalis best in digital print award.

We are delighted to have Jess on-board and we look forward to working with her and helping her develop.