• Life at Frost

We’re better together…

We all know what it’s like to be that person in a meeting when you walk in and shake the hands of those around you, look into their faces and think, “wonder what they’re thinking…I mean, really thinking”. Are they really interested, engaged and listening? Or would they rather be on a sunny beach somewhere? (Pretty sure it’s the latter sometimes, who can blame them!)…

We all work in a variety of specialisms where it’s vital to be confident, to approach those around you with confidence and speak with confidence. To ensure clients, business partners, employees and employers trust you, so you’re seen as the expert. But, it’s also so important to stop and listen too, finding out the stories of those around you….

Listen to their challenges, pain points, emotions and passions. I often ask our clients what they’ve been up to, I like to get to know the real them, to find out their stories…I like hearing from them. I feel I can support our clients more effectively if I understand what they’re really feeling.

You never know, listening could lead you to new and exciting opportunities you never expected, supporting your clients in different areas of their business that you never even realised needed support.