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Will 2020 be the year of change for your business?

If, like us, you are looking to put 2019 to bed and are endeavouring to push your business onwards and upwards in 2020 then hopefully this post will get you thinking. I’m going to start by having a little rant about Brexit. I know most of you will be rolling your eyes because you are sick of hearing about it, but please bear with me!

With all the uncertainty of Brexit, 2019 has been a frustrating year for us and a lot of your businesses too. For us, business has been steady but I know it could have been a lot better if it wasn’t for Brexit. I can’t help but feel annoyed that if it wasn’t for Brexit, businesses would already be planning their futures, putting their plans into action and getting excited abut their future objectives.

Can we believe what the politicians say, when they all tell us conflicting things?
Will it make Britain Great again and make it the best place to raise our families and run our businesses?
Will it mean the end of the world as we know it?
Will Boris ever get a hair cut!?

Unless anyone has a crystal ball or possesses the remarkable talent of time travel, then none us will know for certain!

I, for one, am sick of taking a back seat and waiting for the unknown. I say, let’s put Brexit behind us and take 2020 by the horns and start the year with the attitude of “what will be will be”. If Brexit gets resolved, then great, but if it doesn’t then so be it! Let’s not let this fiasco impact on us and our businesses anymore than it already has and start aiming to achieve our goals moving forwards into 2020. As the famous poster from 1939 once said; ‘Keep Calm and Carry on’, and this is exactly what I and other businesses up and down the country should start doing. Holding back and waiting to see what ‘might’ happen is only delaying our own progress and dreams.

What will 2020 bring?

I see 2020 as a pivotal year of positive change for us at Frost Creative, starting with us moving into a new, bigger, better office in January. Our team is all set to help other businesses transform and move to the next level, and we already have some exciting new projects in the pipeline. We are putting all the negative experiences and challenges encountered this past year behind us and we will strive to power forwards. 

For those businesses that have been airing on the side of caution the past year, you may be able to relate to the following:

  • You watched on as one of your main competitors launched a new service or product that has increased their revenues and has now starting to have an effect on yours
  • You experienced low growth and were just relying on it to get better
  • Revenues dropped off and some customers left and went with a competitor
  • Customers have commented that they are not 100% sure that you offered certain products or services
  • You have talks with other businesses about merging or forming a partnership stall
  • A decision was made during the last board meeting that the business needs to change its strategy next year
  • You’re looking to enter a new line of business or market and your existing brand won’t reflect this
  • You need/want to reach a broader audience
  • A competitor rebranded recently and you see this as a potential threat or challenge to your business
  • It has become apparent that staff morale is low or they are unsure on what the long term strategy for the business is

On review of your previous years performance and marketing results, you may, on reflection, be wondering why you have delayed actioning your business or marketing plans. Come the end of January 2020, we may still be in a state of limbo and I think it’s time to be positive and take action while we can. Whatever changes you may be considering for your business strategy next year, it is important to align your brand strategy to it and communicate effectively internally and externally where applicable. This is where Frost Creative can support and help you and your business get the most out of your investment into your business by implementing an effective brand and / or communications strategy.

Work with a great supportive agency

An effective strategy can be complex and demanding to put together and that’s why it’s important to work with an agency that understands business and can help you implement the core changes that are going to make a significant difference to your business communications.

At Frost Creative, we have a track record of helping businesses of all sizes match their goals for growth with effective brand and communications strategies. Take a look at our website or Contact us today to find out more.