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Workspaces — an emotional journey

Creating a successful workspace has a huge impact on how we engage with one another, supporting our emotional experiences and how effective we work together. While we all spend time considering our homes and the colours and textures we use, our workspaces are often neglected or not even considered at all.

The environments we work in and visit should generate a mood or emotional reaction whether that is calming for a spa, buzzing for restaurant or bar, or engaging for an office, each space offers a different response from those who use and frequent it.

To help these emotional reactions work as effectively as they can, we believe it’s important to incorporate an element of nature using biophilic design where possible. To draw inspiration from the natural elements that surround us and sourcing materials that embody nature through their textures, tones, patterns and colours really helps that emotional connectivity.

Through the use of natural fibres creating warm tones with varying natural textures, offering a sensory experience, positioned alongside patterns and colours and marble or wood on surfaces or flooring creates inspiring visual layering.

These different materials enables us to enrich experiences in the workspaces we design, rather than just focussing on the visual experience alone, it can become a tactile journey too, reinforcing the human desire to be connected with nature, to feel supported and comforted.

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