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Reinvigorating the Bitmore brand and packaging to increase sales

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Affordable quality

We have been working with Bitmore for a number of months now and following our initial brand audit we are now starting to roll the new brand out across their product lines, as orders are made. Bitmore deliver design-led, high quality and innovative technology and they truly love gadgets and technology.

Quality, Innovation & Value are at the heart of their offering and we set about refreshing their brand to be closely aligned to these values, whilst improving the overall look and feel.

A design system that rolls out with ease

With a simple, but flexible visual system, carefully considered typography and professional photography we have developed a brand and packaging style that is consistent and can easily roll out across all product categories effortlessly and adapt to different audiences. Retailers of Bitmore products have specific requirements so we needed a system that can suit both high and low ticket price items. We redesigned the logo so that it suited everything that Bitmore offer as opposed to the previous identity which focussed on sound. Our new identity is bolder and far simpler and looks great on all the products. The identity design utilises a font that we purchased from a specialist font foundry that is far better suited to the brand. We introduced an arrow, or ‘play’ symbol to the negative space of the lettering to symbolise progress, play, audio and looking ahead, which we feel covers every aspect of Bitmore’s product ranges, categories and approach to business. Bitmore have a vast array of products and we support them with naming, prototyping and final artworks for each new product.

Securing retail orders

Since the rebrand and packaging revamp Bitmore have secured large orders with WH Smith, Robert Dyers, HMV, EasyJet, Thomas Cook, British Airways and Rymans for various products such as headphones, remote control toys, travel power adapters and Bluetooth accessories. The new consistent look and feel to the brand and packaging has directly contributed to Bitmore securing 20% more new orders on the previous year.

Client reaction

“The impact the brand re-design has had from logo to brand image, the consistent messaging across our packaging and product ranges is superb. We have a brand identity that was previously missing. Before, it was a bit of a mish mash because other than our logo and corporate colours, the packaging design was inconsistent, which looking back on it now, probably had negative connotations for the Bitmore brand. But after we did the branding exercise and settled on our design signature, whenever we release a new product, it seamlessly falls into place within the overall category, regardless of the style of packaging we use. The brand image, product design and messaging consistency is very clear to see. Our customers have noticed this, and commented in a very positive way. Now, regardless of what new products we introduce into the range, they all fit perfectly.”

Hoj Parmar | CEO 

The impact the brand re-design has had from logo to brand image, the consistent messaging across our packaging and product ranges is superb.
Hoj Parmar | CEO


increase of sales orders