Branding a leading independent boys school

An A-grade identity and marketing materials

As a leading independent boys school with a heritage going back to 1879, Parkside School’s ethos is about balancing tradition and modernity. The school’s previous brand identity only told half of that story, feeling out of date and inconsistent. Working with 360PR, we created and implemented a new brand identity that would more effectively capture what makes Parkside School so special.

Appealing to both children and parents

A brand identity is only as useful as it is practical. So our first step was simplifying guidelines to make them more accessible to staff. We supported this with a new image library that made sourcing photography easy. The image library plays an important role in the brand identity, with natural, contemporary images of boys being boys in contrast to the traditional setting of the school. Significantly, the new branding and collateral has been well-received by both children and parents – and has led to an increase in new applications since its launch.

A complete suite of collateral

  • Branding
  • Photography
  • Marketing collateral
  • Print

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